Marketing Mix Strategies

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Marketing mix strategies encompass a set of tactical and controllable marketing tools that an organization or company uses to get the desired response from its target market. The main tools include price, product, place, and promotion (Kotler, Armstrong & Cunningham, 2005).\u00a0 Quebec has been highlighted as the most restrictive province in Canada with regards to the use of Marijuana after it was legalized. However, the province has outlaid marketing strategies to ensure that it outcompetes the existing black market. According to Serebrin (2018), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states that the legalization of cannabis will enable the consumers to turn away from existing black markets and buy from legal sources.

Marketing Strategies

One of the key marketing mix strategy that Quebec administration has set to use in marketing cannabis is place. In his article, Serebrin (2018) outlines that the proposed Soci\u00e9t\u00e9 qu\u00e9b\u00e9coise du cannabis (SQC) plans to set up a handful of state-run outlets to sell cannabis. 20 outlets will be set up after the legalization and Quebec further plans to set up 150 outlets by 2020. These stores will be operational throughout to meet the demands of customers. Further, Quebec will ensure that Cannabis will be readily available for purchase both in online and physical stores that will be managed at SQDC to address the increase in demand and supply issues. Andrew Hataway, a teacher at the University of Guelph outlines the Quebec's prospects of online sales seems to be an excellent and convenient idea in remaining competitive (Serbrin, 2018). Their plan to have strategic outlets distributed across the province is a bold move that will sustain the already established demand for the product.


Another marketing mix strategy that Quebec has employed is price. One gram is expected to cost approximately $6 per gram compared to other provinces such as Ontario and Northwest territories which will sell at around $10 per gram. An article by Harris (2018) shows that a survey conducted revealed the average price ranges from as low as $5.89 in Quebec compared to $6.79 which is the average of the country. In other provinces, it ranges to as high as $11.89. Despite the regulations set by the Quebec administration on the use of Cannabis, the price is expected to keep their product a float in the competitive market. Product is another marketing strategy used by organizations in marketing its products.

Quality Control

Health Canada issued six recalls after cannabis had been exposed to pesticides that were banned. Issues regarding the quality of cannabis offered in the black market became rampant. Quebec has set to implement quality control of cannabis making it fit to meet the required standards. In his article, Serbrin (2018) puts across that the legal market will have the capability to offer quality products. This fact will aid Quebec to have a competitive advantage since the product will be produced in accordance with the regulatory standards. Concerns on issues like banned pesticides and mold in the product will be well addressed. Additionally, Quebec will not only offer cannabis oil but also avail both fresh and dried cannabis in the market. By doing so, their customer scope will increase to great extents. However, the Quebec administration highlighted that an individual will only be allowed a maximum of 150grams of dried cannabis. During purchase at any one time, a maximum of 30 gram will be allowed. In his findings, Shingler (2018) outlines that the administration of Quebec strongly emphasizes that the sale of Cannabis is not aimed at making money despite the potentially lucrative profits it is expected to generate.


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