Marketing Strategies for Grober Fitness

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Grober Fitness

Grober Fitness is a startup company whose main goal is to expand its production base and at the same time maximize profits. The business focuses on coming up with suitable strategies that will help it enhance its relationship with other businesses that will serve as its consumers. Through B2B sales, Grober Fitness believes that it will maintain sustainability in the market and experience increased revenue generation. The paper will focus on the description of the services and products offered by the organization, its marketing strategies, and analytic metrics to evaluate the set strategies.

Description of the products or services

The company will be divided into two divisions with one of the sections focusing on the production of supplements from organic raw materials, and this will be used for body fitness. The supplements will come in varying quantities, flavors and types. Most of the commodities will be purchased from the organization. The other section of the organization will primarily aim at delivering gym equipment to various businesses across the region. Moreover, the organization will also send its physical fitness experts to different gym facilities to offer training and education, and this will be done at a cost. The pricing strategy to be embraced by the business will be such a way that it will capture the attention of various customers in the market.

Aspects of the products that categorizes it as Business 2 Business

There are various aspects that categorize the products and services offered by the Grober Fitness Organization as Business 2 Business. Below are some of these elements of consideration.

The company will produce different flavors of body fitness supplements and supply them to retail shops and gyms around the regions. Interested businesses around the country will also access the commodities by visiting the organization’s webpage.

Gym equipment will be supplied by the organization to various consumers who will primarily entail supermarkets and gyms. Those companies interested in purchasing the facilities from the company will be required to make an order before their visit.

The organization will hire skilled and qualified experts in matters pertaining to body fitness and dieting. On several occasions, companies will be required to pay to have these experts render services to their clients regarding better living and physical fitness. The services rendered by the experts from Grober to the other organizations classify it as Business to Business.

Marketing strategies for the products and services

One of the measures that will contribute to the success of the business will be the marketing strategies that it will employ. Consumers will always prefer purchasing goods and services from those companies that meet their tastes and preferences (Booker, 2010). Aggressive marketing and advertisement will make it easy for the company to expand its market segment and this will in return contribute to an increase in its sales.

Market segmentation

One of those strategies that will be essential in improving the company’s performance will be market segmentation. Grober will have to produce various products for different targeted customers. Other that product differentiation, the firm will also have to ensure that it taps into the untapped markets by putting in place varying prices for its products and services.

Social media

With the advancement in the levels of technology, social media has gained popularity as one of those platforms that can be instrumental in marketing and advertising of products. Grober will have to open a Facebook and Twitter account that will be specifically be used in advertising the new products launched (Parkin, 2010). In so doing, this will make it easy for the organization to capture the attention of various potential buyers in the market.


Another marketing strategy that Grober Fitness Corporation will have to embrace will entail coming up with a webpage. It will be designed in such a way that consumers will be able to access the page, make suggestions or grievances or order products (Parkin, 2010). The webpage will also be used by the company in informing customers about new supplements and gym facilities that are in place.


The company believes that by setting its prices lower compared to its rivals in the market, it will find it easy to expand on its market segment. For the customers that visit the facility on a regular basis, the organization will impose discounts, and this will subsequently attract more businesses aboard to purchase the products.

TV commercials

Several households and organizations own Televisions, and this means that it will be easy for the commercials on the products offered by Grober Fitness to capture the attention of large masses. Apparently, the number of retail companies interested in doing business with the firm will increase significantly, thus contributing to an enhancement in the firm’s sales.

Challenges associated with the sale of the products and services

There are challenges that may occur as a result of the sale of the products and services. Firstly, aggressive competition in the market may make it hard for the company to meet its goals and objectives. The health concern is another major issue that may be associated with the sale of the supplements. The company may supply the products to a retailer that will in return sell it to a client. However, the client may come back to the organization citing negative side effects brought about by the products. In return, this may attract legal actions that may lead to the revocation of Grober’s operational license. Another issue that may arise as a result of the sale of some of the products is their being faulty, thus causing injury. In such a case, the company may be sued for carelessness.

Analytic metrics to be used in the evaluation of sales and marketing strategies

One of the analytic metrics that will be used in the evaluation of the sales and marketing strategies will be customer retention and loyalty (Booker, 2010). An increase in the number of consumers purchasing products and services and an enhanced retention rates will be an indication of the success of the organization’s implemented marketing and advertisement strategies.

Another analytic metric that will be embraced by the organization will be conversion rate. An increase in the number of customers visiting the facility will be an indication of suitable implemented marketing strategies.

Webpage tariff will also be used as an analytic metric. An increase in the number of the potential buyers visiting the company’s webpage will be a reflection of the success of the sales and marketing strategies embraced by the organization (Booker, 2010).


The strategies that a company put in place will either contribute to an increase in its sales or lower its productivity. In the case of Grober’s Fitness Corporation, market segmentation and the reliance on social media platforms, webpage and TV commercials will be essential in enhancing the company’s competitiveness over its rivals.


Booker, M. (2010). The Business. London: MaxCrime.

Parkin, G. (2010). Digital marketing. London: New Holland.

September 18, 2023


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