Marketing Strategy for Grober Fitness Company

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Grober Fitness Company focusses on working with the interests of people as well as convincing another larger group of people who are not yet into body fitness that health comes first before a productive living. This paper will focus on finding the potential Business 2 Business sales services for Grober. The report describes the technology and segmentation strategies that will be used to target the potential business clients. Additionally, the essay assigns Business 2 Business companies to categories and determine ways to personalize the marketing message for each B2B sales products and discuss marketing automation platforms. Additionally, the report tests the programs that are later used to determine how well my marketing strategy is working. Finally, the paper identifies various ways of expanding my current relationship network to increase the likelihood of success for selling my products. Therefore, the report is important in developing my personal sales strategy.

Potential Business 2 Business sales prospects

Grober Fitness Center organization will be divided into two. The first section will deal with the production of supplements from organic raw materials used for body fitness will also be dealing with other companies that have been identified in this research. Embodyment Wellness Center in 5060 N 19th Avenue Street 11 Phoenix, Arizona. The firm focuses on Health and Fitness Program Consultancy. The organization will do Business 2 Business sales with Embodyment Wellness Center which will be supplied with my supplements from the first section of my company. The second part of the company will offer training and education at the Embodyment Wellness Center with the idea of maximizing the profit.

The Grober Fitness will also partner with Stress Away organization. Stress is a health and fitness consultants company that can buy supplements from Grober for their clients. The team of consultants can as well offer services in the consultancy firm. There has always been the shortage of Fitness Center Trainers in colleges and Universities around Arizona. In my research, I noticed several advertisements for such trainers. For example, the University of Arizona advertised for a post of Director of Campus Recreation, Maricopa County Community College also advertised for the same post. These are pushing motivating me so much with the desire to bridge this gap between my products and services.

Technology and segmentation strategies to target potential clients

The technology will play a more significant role in reaching out to my potential clients. I will invest in commercial adverts on television and also erect billboards to reach out to my potential clients. I will also create a website that deals with the online sales and also provides any information that any potential customers would like to know about the company. I will also create commercial pages on social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which will make it easy for a potential client to access any information at their comfort (Baker, 2008).

Ways to personalize my marketing message for each B2B sales products

Sending email messages from a human, not a company

The name of a member of the marketing team will be used to show to the clients that an actual person took the time and dedication to respond or send them an email message. Email signatures also will be included in the message body. A picture of the respondent in the marketing team also will be added to create trust between Grober Company and the potential clients.

Target the content to communicate to the specific needs of various clients

I will create new content or modify the existing ones to address particular needs and problems of my clients. By creating or changing content would even give me a new idea in Grober Company that might be of excellent salvage a portion of my clients that were left out (Lee & Kotler, 2013).

Creating a LinkedIn Company Product Page variations

The Grober LinkedIn Company Product Page will offer targeting tools that enable the organization to personalize my products and services. When visitors check my page, they will get their information including their geographical location which will help target different products to various users (Garcia & Villanueva, 2009).

Market automation platforms

The marketing automation tools will create attention to lead nurturing companies based on content interest. The tools will address various issues and contents that may be of interest to my clients (Cant & Heerden, 2008). For example, I will use the marketing automation platforms to automatically enter a client into a Grober Company when they initially downloaded some content that is related to the products and services that my company offers.

Testing my marketing programs 

The various products will be marked before the onset of the marketing strategy then compare sales at the end of the marketing programs. I can keep a more extensive track record of various marketing strategies to have a concrete data on which marketing strategy is appropriate for the organization. I will also be inquiring from the new clients how they came to know about Grober Company. The policy will give me good feedback that I will use to know where most of my potential customers are more concentrated so that I can invest even more on the marketing program that is more suitable for my products and services.

Ways of expanding my current relationship network

In an endeavor to developing the existing relationship network of Grober Company to increase the likelihood of success in selling my products and services, I will do some things such as:


I will find organizations that are working on the same cause or a related cause and volunteer my services to the team. The approach will help me to meet people who have interests in similar things but most likely work in the different industry (Cohen & Winn, 2007).

Host events

I will host instead just attend events outside my industry. The strategy would give me my space as a natural focal point. In addition to the added prominence, my shifted role from attendee to host makes conversation easier and lowers the pressure of being at the event with a specific agenda or mission.

Become active on my social media platforms

Clients that beyond the company's natural products niche can always be found the social media platforms and should be kept abreast with the company's products and services through regular posts. Therefore, the websites and social media pages should always be updated, and a response made to any inquiries by the customers on a daily a basis which will increase reliability (Pool, 2007).


In a nutshell, to expand my production base and at the same time maximize profit, Grober Company must work closely with the clients and create a very stable marketing strategy that works towards reaching out to as many potential clients as possible and as the same time fulfilling their needs. Technology and segmentation, as well as marketing automation and expansion of relationship networks, will all be my primary focuses in the Company.




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