Medical services: Health Care Costs and Medical Technologied

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Debate about Medical Care

In many countries, debates about medical care have proven contentious. Despite the fact that many nations are working to improve their medical systems, many people still find it difficult to obtain health insurance policies. Up to 46 million individuals, the number of those unable to access medical care is drastically increasing (Daniel 81). Poor economic conditions, poverty, and rising rates of illiteracy among the populace are the main factors. Due to the subpar benefits and pensions provided to retired employees, businesses should take the fall for this tendency. The use of technological, medical advancements has increased the annual cost by 7%.

Bankruptcy of Medicare

According to HHS, Gov Health Care, the Medicare launched in the United States and other European countries is expected to go bankrupt in the next nine years. The current medical cost per year is estimated to be $2.1 trillion, but it is supposed to be $ 4 trillion in the next ten years. Since employees are not willing to provide insurance coverage for their employees, most of them are unable to acquire their private medical insurance plans. Almost 39% of individuals survive without medical covers (Daniel 88). The rising cost has also threatened those using Medicaid and Medicare programs. Different nations have tried to provide a universal treatment for all citizens, but it remains unmanageable due to the rising cost. Before Barack Obama was sworn in, there were several discussions towards the launching of Obama care, but some people were against it. However, over 65% of United States citizens managed to access the Obama care by 2010, but later on, it turned to be so expensive and unreliable that people opted for single medication.

Advancements in the United States Healthcare

However, there are several advancements in the United States healthcare, and it has lowered the cost of acquiring medical plans and insurance policies. President Obama signed the Affordable Health Care on 23, March 2010 and this was affected to ensure that all citizens had access to medical care. After young adults were allowed to join their parent’s medical insurance policies, there has been an increase in people from 7 million to 16.4 million people (HHS, Gov Health Care). Everybody has benefited especially blacks, Hispanics, young adults, and people with low incomes.

The Affordable Care Act

In 2015, approximately 11.7 million people had acquired the open-enrollment insurance cover. It has also offered Medicaid programs to cover adults whose earnings are below the 138% poverty level (Daniel 82). 28 states have benefited from the launching of the Affordable Care Act. Since the reforms of Medicare, there has been an increase of 10.8 million Americans. These changes might influence a large number of people especially students who are unable to afford a single and private medical cover. In my case, I find this to be beneficial since I don’t have to struggle to acquire medication. I can continue using my family policy until I am stable enough to acquire one.

Fear of Decreased Profit

When the medical plans are made less costly, there is always a fear that healthcare providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and wealthy people will acquire less profit (Daniel 79). In such a nation like the United States, it is expected that the middle class should continue acquiring medical services as the government plans. The expectations are different since the middle class is protecting the corporate interests due to some reasons. One of them is that no matter how the government claims to have subsidized hospital services, no changes are seen since people continue to pay the same amounts. The unending levels of corruption what many people are not willing to experience. Embezzlement of medical funds in the name of helping public funds will greatly affect the American economy.

Implementation of ACA in Kentucky

Kentucky has had the opportunity to implement the ACA under the leadership of Governor Steve Beshear. His concern for the Medicaid plan has helped his people in a vast range than when compared to other states. He ensured that the percentage of uninsured people in Kentucky reduced from 20.4% to 11.9% (Daniel 82). Financial assistance was given to 1% of the people who were interested in individual covers. Therefore everyone in Kentucky is well covered and no one feels oppressed after the launching of the ACA. That is different in other states where they only concentrate on helping just the poor while the rich also feel suppressed by the high insurance covers. I have learned that health is an essential component in a nation, but many of them do not have a well-structured medical plan for its people. For the case of United States, there is a need for negotiations and setting medical provisions that will be of importance to all people.

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March 23, 2023

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