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Because of their versatility and in-depth comprehension of the dynamic technological landscape, most businesses are gradually turning their focus to young workers as technology advances. This suggests that the majority of baby boomers in their late 40s and 50s have been left out of opportunities for professional advancement and advancement. The bulk of these emerging managers have been devastated, with the majority of them either remaining in their positions or opting for early retirement. There are various options for developing managers that feel stuck in their jobs can embrace with the aim of bringing progress in their career paths. With their years of experience, these managers do not have to feel pressured on promotions, instead, they have to be on the frontline in coming up with ideas that can bring prosperity to them (Carol, 2003). One such idea is their move to assist in the integration of the newly acquired businesses in the companies that they are employed. With their knowledge and experience, developing managers can provide suitable advice to the company on the measures that it can put in place in ensuring that the acquired firms are sustainable and that they bring an enhancement in the company’s productivity.

Another measure that can be embraced by the developing managers is lateral movements. This implies that rather than sticking to their current position at a given organization where they have worked for several years, an individual can decide to move to the firm’s subsidiaries in a different country or another region. The opportunities for growth in those areas that the manager transfers to may be enormous, and this may provide him or her with an opportunity to experience something new in their career path (Carol, 2003). Most of the baby boomers that have transferred to new posts in different regions have in one way or the other benefited from the different environment and desire to bring changes in their work lifestyle (Carol, 2003). Some of these employees take that opportunity to enrich the surrounding communities with information on the company’s products and services, thus playing a role in the enhancement of its productivity through enhanced sales.

Developing managers, rather than stagnating at their current work station, can decide to set up their firms from scratch. Most of these persons are knowledgeable and have a lot of experience in the business and market platform. This provides them with an opportunity to join hands and come up with a start-up firm that they can develop until it yields high returns. Apparently, this implies that rather than staying in a stagnating career, it is vital for the baby boomers to challenge themselves by being allies to the company that they were employed and this can be possible through either creating a similar firm or one that has similar processes.


The move by most of the firms across the globe to rely on young employees on most of their activities and operations has left most of the baby boomers feeling out of place. However, through measures such as setting up start-up companies, transfers to various regions and assisting in the integration of the acquired firms and new business processes, these developing managers can enrich their careers.


Carol, H. (2003). In The Lead: Baby Boomers Seek New Ways to Escape Career Claustrophobia. Wall Street Journal, 1-3. m/docview/398842808?accountid=33337

December 28, 2022

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