Middle Adulthood Baby Boomers

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This article aims to investigate the meaning of the Baby Boomer and their middle adulthood, as well as the various types of media that market with the image of a baby boomer. According to Broder (2007), the baby boomers are a distinct group of people born between 1946 and 1964. These folks were dubbed "baby boomers" because there was a significant increase in birth statistics during that time period (Broder, 2007). The first boom occurred in 1946, when around 3.4 million babies were born in the United States. This had never happened in the U.S during the period of one year only. However, the numbers increased consistently to almost 4 million babies who were born every year within 1953 and 1964. However, towards the end of the 1964, the changes started declining where the people who were born during the period of 22 years were around 76.4 million people. This made almost ¼ of the population of the U.S (Broder 2007). There were a number of causes for this boom, which included social, psychological, and economic factors.

Advertising media

According to Kaylene and Robert (2012) in their article titled marketing to the generations, argue that the baby boomers can be used for formulating the adverts on the vacations for adventure, seconds homes, market travel, expensive meals in the restaurants, financial advisors, recreational vehicles, personal trainers and chefs. They further explain that the boomers can also be used the advertising of the tourism that is based on the music and the routes of the hometown musicians (Kaylene and Robert, 2012). This explains that the baby boomers are less sensitive on the prestige and highly conscious on the price. Thus, decide to migrate from the large towns to the smaller towns in order to avoid the high costs of living and reduce on the stress (Kaylene and Robert, 2012).

According to James and Emily (2002), there are views on the economic burden that are related to the aging population of the boomers. These include; an increase in the payments of the social security, increase in the insurance for medical care due to uncovered medical expenses and therefore an increase in the care costs. However these aims at emphasizing on the reduction in the birth rates and the early planning of the insurance covers to aid the old people access the medical care at less costs (James and Emily, 2002)

According to research that was carried out by Ember (2010), aimed at understanding the individual and joint behaviors of the couples when formulation a number of decisions in purchasing the technology services and products. The study found out that was a change in the financial power in favor of the Booker women because they poses something that their mothers did not posses such as careers and opportunities and access to education (Ember, 2010). Therefore, there is a change in the balance of the purchasing power. This explains that the electronics have turned to be more personal, the couples are more likely to purchase (spend) individually even when without asking their partners. This shows that the purchase behaviors of the boomers are independent, with many consumers who are mature. The Boomer women show the vital role that is played by technology in their lives.


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April 26, 2023

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