Mobile Computing and Mobile Commerce

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Wireless, mobile computing and mobile commerce is a system that is currently used in businesses. It refers to the buying and selling of marketing products with wireless services, which include PDAs. Business owners prefer the use of this system because of many reasons. Some of them are, to promote the growth of online presence, and ensure all customers remain focused on the new technologies (Cooper &Zmud, 1990).


In this section, we will focus on how the technologies mentioned above meet different technological requirements. These needs may include, integrating online shopping, provide reporting, enable collaboration between customers and staff members, managing customer contact, provide order status of the business by checking online payment, and managing inventory.

Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce.

Integrating online shopping

Providing order status and online payments

Facilitate collaboration between customers and the staff

Managing customer contact

Provide reporting

Managing inventory

Mobile computing

Online stores are able to show their customers which product options to choose

The machines can be used to balance business calculation, and make payments.

It allows for reliable communication between the customers and business owner since it reaches wider areas.

Wireless devices can transmit data, and product’s video to customer without physical contact.

A business owner can easily get the reports whenever he or she is through wireless enabled services.

These devices, like computer are capable of string business records.

Mobile commerce

Wireless phones helps in contacting consumers through advertising its goods and services.

Has the ability to use mobile devices when conducting financial transactions and exchange payments over the internet.

Customers are able to communicate through mobile phones with the staff members concerning business operations.

It is easy for a business owner, or staff workers to safe the contact of their consumer for easy communication when the need arise.

The devices has the ability to deliver information that can be more helpful when it comes to transactions.

Wireless mobiles can help in determining safety stock and the order point quantity through regular checkups and calculations.

Wireless Mobile computing and mobile commerce are essential in business. It is easy to pass messages to clients by use of text messages about newly introduced goods and services in the organization. It only becomes a challenge when trying to make choices on who specifically need to see your promotions via their cell phone, because not all are willing to buy and to see promotion texts (Cooper &Zmud, 1990).

Big Data and Knowledge Management

Integrating online shopping

Providing order status and online payments

Facilitate collaboration between customers and the staff

Managing customer contact

Provide reporting

Managing inventory

Big data

Computer devices are able to handle Complex business data from one place to the other.

Large calculation are easily obtained by machines to reveal patterns relating to customer behavior.

Through this determination of data computationally, associations with human behavior and interactions with business owners are strengthened

Because the wireless computer are set to analyze business trends, manager are able to trace contacts of their customers.

Computer helps in storing all the information collected throughout the day hence, the owners can go through the reports when needed.

These wireless machine acts as storage books for business information, hence can be easily retrieved when needed.

Knowledge management

Proper handling of information and resources is essential because it allows for online sharing as selling of products

The status of an organization is determined through knowledge management that creates and manages business information.

Knowledge management allows for sharing information of a firm. This strengthens relationships between customers and the staff.

The staff and manager maintain their contact with customers through the interaction created by exchanging goods and services.

Because knowledge management ensures organizational achievements are met, reporting of its information is easy because it is always on check.

KM is essential in an organization because its system sustains the storage and assessment of marketing products and information.

Big data and KM are essential in an organization. They make work more comfortable as seen from the above information on the table. The only challenge emerges when some agencies cannot afford machines like computers. Therefore, it is troublesome to those who lack wireless devices to reach the current market technologies and products.

Recommendations and technology solution

Mobile computing is one of the essential technologies recommended in an organization. The computers perform all workings expected in a firm, hence allows for data transmission and storage. This method can meet various business requirements. It allows for constant contact with the internet, thus secure sharing of information. Therefore, this technology enables business workers to remain connected to the world even when not physically with their working environment. A business can succeed with this kind of technology because of sharing information and creating connections with other companies through the air on how to improve the organization (Cooper &Zmud, 1990).

Therefore, as seen from the above recommendation, Mobile computing provides a solution to business technology since it makes firm operations easy and faster.

Overall Benefit

Mobile computing has contributed much to business operations. It achieves efficiency through its process of delivering the required information at the right time, and by reducing operational costs by ensuring utility is available in the market. A business can be well positioned through this technology. This is because, online shopping will remain enhanced, hence facilitating collaboration between staff members, managers, and customers (Cooper &Zmud, 1990).


Cooper, R. B., & Zmud, R. W. (1990). Information technology implementation research: a technological diffusion approach. Management science, 36(2), 123-139.

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