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MOMSA, the Mobile Massage and SPA Firm, will be a leading provider of mobile massage and SPA services. MOMSA's hallmark brand is new and imaginative ways of delivering massage services to customers right at their doorstep. They would not have to travel a long way to provide these services; instead, the services would be sent directly to their homes.

MOMSA tends to reinvent the massage and spa services market with new technology that does not require them to be in one location but to go door to door to please their clients. This idea is believed to save time for customers and also to reduce the hustle of having to travel to a place in such of these services. The old and physically weak people have a problem moving around to a massage parlor and spa that are at times located on top of buildings making it difficult for some customers to get these services. It is for this reason that MOMSA was started to be an alternative parlor that does not need to be located in one place. It is a creative and innovative mobile parlor that is just a few calls away from the customers. It offers convenience, and low price massage and spa services.

This company would be targeting the old people and those who have a physical disability and cannot travel a long distance in such of these services. Also, those who prefer to have their massage and spa brought to their door for any reason would be the target customers.

The completive analysis done on this market showed that this company would not face stiff competition as there are very few of such firms in the market. This will give it an opportunity to grow and expand faster. The goals of MOMSA have a goal to increase its market base by 50% in the second year of operation. In addition, it intends to be the cost efficient and preferred massage and Spa Company in the market. Marketing strategy for MOMSA would be to move from door to door with their equipment especially in areas where there are people the high population of their target customers.

Situational Analysis

The company has committed and experienced employees who respond quickly to the calls of their customers. Also, there are modern equipment and machines needed for the organization to carry out its operation well. It will have different stations and a telephone line being handled by an experienced customer services executive (Barringer, 2012). Calls would be received from customers then one of the stations responds to it depending on the direction of the customer’s location.

There are external forces that give the business opportunity and threats at the same time. Among these are activates of their competitors. There seems to be massage parlor and spa almost in every corner in the market. These pose a threat to the prosperity of the business. But the advancement of technology and the existence of those who are physically not strong enough as well as the old in care centers creates an environment of hope for the firm as it is only one of the few ones offering mobile massage and spa parlor. Most holes of the old people depend on their services, and this makes its market more available.

Target Market

It has been realized that there are quite some people in the community that needs the massage and spa services but due to their physical situation, they cannot walk and move about to look for these services. There are the busy ones who work a lot both at home and at their workplaces such as single mother or mother with a lot of responsibilities’ at home and work. Further, there are those with physical disability and movement is a bit difficult for them but they still need these services (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). Moreover, homes that care for the old people in the society are not left out as they too need the massage and spa services but cannot walk their entire client to a parlor for the service. It is with this information that MOMSA was initiated. It offers this population the necessary massage and spa at the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is make a call, and the MOMSAs will visit them with all the equipment needed to give them a state of the art services. The target customer for MOMSA are people who finds it difficult to visit a massage parlor in fixed locations because they do not have time and also it is difficult to move about.

SWOT Analysis

MOMSA has also assessed itself to know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are presented by its internal and external environment. ‘


The company has a competitive advantage due to the modern technology it is using in its operation. It receives calls from clients and responds to it faster. Its strength is on their skilled employees who are committed to customer needs and objectives of the company.

The ability to offer a unique service in the industry of massage and spa is also the strength of this company. It is one of the few companies offering mobile services to customers who need spa and massage.


Even with best-performing companies, there existed a weakness that they must deal with for them to prosper. MOMSA faces few weaknesses in its operation. One of the weaknesses is little funds to expand their market to more states (Mullins, Walker & Boy, 2012). Also, the firm has no enough equipment to serve its entire market. Some locations share these machines and this at times causes inconvenience to their client.


There is a lot of opportunity in the market. Clients who need these services are many, and the market is large. MOMSA Company has the potential to grow and expand in future. For example, more care homes for old people have announced they need such services.

Technology also offers various platforms for marketing itself to the target population. There is also another market base that involves military and war veteran’s personnel. These groups need a special package and thus offer an opportunity for further market segmentation.


Competition from other business rivals who offers fixed location services with cheaper prices than MOMSA. Since this business was started, other companies have entered into this market have brought another competition to the firm.

There are also areas with bad weather that traveling with this equipment becomes a difficult task for the team and thus threatens the prosperity of this business.

Marketing Goals and Objectives

MOMSA mobile massage and SPA Company have several marketing objectives and goals. Among them are:

1. To increase their customer bases through advertisement of its unique services one of a kind in the industry. This will be achieved through proper market networking; visiting cares homes and offers a presentation of what they offer as well as a door to door campaign in the neighborhood.

2. Another objective is to grow their market share. This means they have to tap the market where these services have not reached. It will be done through investing in more machines and equipment as well as employing additional staff to cater for the expansion. As things stand now, many homes require these services, but the company is unable to reach them due to its smaller size of employees and customers.

3. The firm also has an objective of entering the international market in future with a target in various countries in Europe and Asia.

4. Increasing their profit is another objective to consider. This would be achieved through the increase of their sales and market base.

On market goals, the company has set both long term and short terms. Short term ones focus on the day to day running of the business. These include making a 20% revenue increase on the second year of operating. Also to make the progress of the market on the move always, the organization has a plan to award its employees of the month throughout the year. This is intended to make the employee work hard to meet the objectives of the company.

The long-term goals include creating company’s name within the industry. This would make it easier for it to the market(Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). Also, it intends to develop a website that they can interact with customer’s real time with a description of their services, locations and how the customers can make payments online to book for services on certain days of the week.

Marketing Strategy and Action Plan

These are tactical actions that the company will take to achieve their goals and objectives as far as their target market is concerned.

The company will advertise in social media and mass media on the importance of their services and why those with difficulty in traveling or walking to massage parlor should look for them. The advertisement would include the services description as well as how to reach them in case one needs them.

Another marketing strategy is on pricing. The firm will analyze and assess the current market price of its competitors and offer a little bit low prices. With this, and being mobile, they will dominate the market.

The third tactic is on their position. The company being mobile will have stations in various regions where they can reach the customers of those areas easily. Each station will have a customer service center with communication equipment intended to make their interaction with the customer more efficient.

Consequently, MOMSA will engage in promoting their services using road shows to various neighborhoods. This would increase their brand awareness and earn them more customers. Promotion would also comprise of offering these services to their customers at a lower price to act as a demonstration of what they offer and why the customers should prefer them to their rival business organizations.

Moreover, the employees considered for the firm are highly skilled in marketing and also friendly(Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). These would help in creating satisfied customers as well as provide unique service experience to their esteemed customers.

The environment where the service is being offered

The company has a state of the art mobile shop that has all the necessities for a massage parlor. Inside the mobile shop has a unique serene environment that gives customers a unique experience. They also request for feedback from customers and use this information to improve their performance.

The first three months will focus on their services and the prices as well as a mode to which they are being offered. It is intended to increase their customer base with a lot of promotion and luring of these clients.

Brochures will be distributed to customers with information on their services as well as how to reach the companies and their daily schedules in that neighborhood to which they operate.

Implementation of these marketing strategies

To implement their marketing strategies and action plan, the firm would have to buy the necessary equipment and also hire advertising companies to help them with promoting their brand name and the services they are offering. One of the qualifications for these jobs is one with a friendly attitude that has high social skills. The staff will also be subjected to some basic training to equip them with the knowledge they would need to carry out their duties. There would also be incentives for customers and employees who are working so hard to meet their target and goals of the organization (Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). These marketing strategies will be reviewed and frequently evaluated to understand those that work and the once that does not work. There will be monthly target and agendas for all the teams in their areas of operations.

Marketing Budget


National Marketing

Banner Adverts



Local Marketing


In-Store Marketing



Public Relations

Public Events


Press Releases



Client Events


Content Marketing







$ 2,000.00


$ 500.00

$ 2,000.00



$ -



$ -




$ 6,200.00


$ 600.00

$ 3,600.00


$ 400.00

$ 1,600.00


$ 500.00

$ 1,000.00



$ -




$ 800.00



$ -



$ -


$ 100.00

$ 800.00



$ -



$ -



$ -



$ -




$ 14,400.00

$ 14,400

Socila Media




$ 100.00



$ 100.00



$ 100.00



$ 100.00



$ 100.00


$ 3100

Total Marketing budget $ 17,500

The budget is consistent with the company’s strategic objectives with the aim of increasing their base to even international markets.

There is also plan to offer special services to military and veterans personnel so as their market segment is enhanced. This is the crucial part of the plan as it is where the strength or weakness of the company would be most visible.

In conclusion, MOMSA has come up with a unique business idea that it intends to implement to make a reinvent in the industry of massage and spa. These will need a lot of time for it to pick. The company would engage in vigorous marketing campaign using different media channels to bring awareness to its brand.


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Wilson, R. M., & Gilligan, C. (2012). Strategic marketing management. Routledge.

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