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Movies come in a wide variety, and they are divided into many categories. This is due to the requirement to distinguish between various movie genres. As a result, the movies are categorized according to their subject matter, intended viewership, and motion picture format (2D or 3D), to name a few. A narrative is a story that recounts a sequence of events that took place over a specific period of time.

Movies that are narrative, documentary, or experimental all have a narrator trying to explain what is happening as the film is playing. On the contrary, there are differences in these types of genres; the narrative type involves both veracity and creativity of the producer, a documentary consists of nonfictional pictures whose purpose is to document a reality that happened back in history and experimental movies uses some abstractive techniques and can sometimes lack a narrator.

When making a documentary film, there are four approaches used in the process: observational, reflexive, poetic and expositional. The observational approach is simple as it bases all its ideologies on simple observation while the reflexive approach kind of documentary regulates itself within ethical and technical confines. The poetic approach usually is more of subjective to the subject matter and the expository approach collects relevant footage that stands in as the strength of the narration.

Characteristics of experimental films include: They manipulate the film in their own way, they consist of many styles and can therefore express a very personal experience, they can also utilize any footage for their audience, and these films can be of any length and use at most one language in the whole film.

A film genre is a classification of the artistic composition of a film. the conventions feature a particular type of plot, characterization and most importantly the setting of the film.

The six major genres discussed in chapter three include: gangster film, film noir, the musical, western films, horror films and science fiction. The gangster films deal majorly with organized criminal activities, the film noir are those that involve crime scenes but still manage to mingle it with drama to add taste to the film. Musical genre encompasses music in it and this may be accompanied by dance while the western genre deals with stories that are of the previous centuries. Horror films are those meant to frighten and cause dread invoking the audience fears while science fiction involves the use of speculation in the plot of the movie.

In animation, there are several types too. The traditional animation is one of them and it involves pictures drawn by hand. In this, every film frame is drawn by hand. The 2D animations uses a technique same as that of traditional animations but uses its ability to computer interpolations. The 3D animation gives an image its virtual reality nature. It is full of flair as it is able to use graphics. The motion graphics animation creates some sort of illusion of the motion which is well synchronized with audio. And the stop motion animation is that which captures the film frame after frame while some physical objects are moved through all the frames.

April 06, 2023

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