My Best Part of the Speech

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The introduction to my speech was, in my opinion, the best part of it. In presenting the subject of my speech and introducing myself, I was very audible and articulate. The audience's interest demonstrated that my point was understood by everyone in the room. More importantly, the emphasis demonstrated that my subject was of concern to the audience. As a result, I believe my introduction was adequate.

Two Objectives for Improving My Skills

The first goal is to boost one's self-esteem. I was anxious as I approached the stage. At one point, I feared my voice would give out on me. Owing to my lack of confidence, even my palms were sticky.

Next time, I intend to engage my audience without being shy. The second goal is to master my timing skills. I would say my speech was rather short. I felt as if the audience expected a longer speech from me. Therefore, I intend to master the art of matching the allocated time.

My Rating

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate myself at six. I feel I was audible enough for the audience preventing anyone from straining to hear my speech. More so, I found my statement comprehensive and clear to everyone. However, I feel that the speech was short and I appeared a little bit shy. Therefore, I think that such rate is fair. However, I intend to improve on my next speech.

The Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge was engaging the audience. I lacked the confidence to look directly to my audience. Therefore, I failed to observe the non-verbal cues from my audience, which is essential in determining the response by the listeners. Moreover, I ended the speech abruptly without giving my audience the chance to ask any questions.

My Confidence Level

My confidence during the speech was moderate. I was nervous at first and less confident. In order to build my confidence, I will be undertaking a comprehensive research on my next topic. The research will provide me with enough information to answer any potential questions from the audience. More so, I will practice my speech in front of the mirror or will give it at fist to my friends. They will have the chance to correct me and it will build my confidence. Taking this steps will make me more comfortable presenting future speeches to a large crowd.

November 03, 2022



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