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My Career path spans from the Group Reservations Specialist then to graduate to Director of Sales and Marketing, then to Hotel General manager. The carrier should span 3 years and the following are the roles expected.  After working between 1-2 years as Group reservation specialist, I would like to be a Hotel General manager

Group Reservation Agents

Group Reservation Agents work is to help people stay and take the incoming calls for the people who are interested in the jobs. This will the first Job I would be interested in after graduation. As a group reservation Specialist, I would be making calls for people who are interested in the hotel and also help people book their stay in the hotel. The requirement of the job is being friendly to the customers and help in finding the best accommodation requirements and help in determining the clients' needs (Perry, 2009). The reservation agents, therefore, take credits information and may help the client in the billing process. They sometimes call the clients and remind them of the upcoming schedules or if their rooms have been changed.  The job salary ranges from $30,460 per year. Most companies need a school diploma for this posting and many others offer training for the same post (Barrows & Powers, 2009).


Efficient customer care and communication skills: The reservation agents need to talk and listen and help in resolving the conflicts from customers, they are able to listen carefully and find the root cause of the issues at hand (Mansour Ghazi, 2016). They will communicate clearly and resolve issues and keep the customers happy. Patience: the reservation agents have to deal with irate customers. The customers have patients and will help in staying polite in stressful situations (Starkey, 2002). They are also problem solvers, they have to solve customer issues even before the actual problem is determined. The reservationist must be able to solve customer problems.




· I have a degree, the position requires at least a diploma in Hotel Reservations

· I have good communication skills which would allow me to communicate with the customers effectively.

· Very Good background in Hotel management client handling

· Very good at conflict resolution and quarrel management

· I have no weaknesses for this post



· There are growing numbers of Hotels meaning more job opportunities

· I have just graduated and the skills which are required in the Hotel Industry are available in my possession

· The Industry has faced a lot of problems such as the recession.

· Political temperatures may be too high at times making tourist numbers to below.

· The Hotel management procedures must be adhered to.

Job Position: Hotel General Manager

The work of the General Manager is to respond to all operations and the day to day staff management (Inc, 2018). The general manager is an ambassador to a Hotel. The work of the general manager is to provide leadership and oversees the guest satisfaction as well. The person will work closely with the stakeholders and owners of the hotel and workers of the hotel. The Hotel management is responsible for managing the Hotel teams to ensure that the guest experience that would be required for an excellent work and job satisfaction for the profitability of the company (Kwong, 2017).

General Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The company is to oversee the functions of the Hotel

Hold meetings and briefings with the departmental heads.

Ensure that all the decisions made are in the best interest of the Hotel.

Help in residential sales whenever required and develop strong sales prospects

Safeguarding the quality operations for both internal and external audits.

Deliver the budget goals and set the short and long terms goals for the Hotel.

Ensure compliance with the Hotel controls. 

The management would be responsible for the management of the profitability and ensure revenue and guest satisfaction.

Have a close monitoring of the business reports and ensure that the decisions are taken according to the requirements of the Hotel.

Maximize the monthly financial outlooks, Food and target accurately.

Respond to audits to ensure consistent change is refined.

Lead in all parts of business masterminding.

Ensure monthly reporting to owners and stakeholders

Help in the securing technique of the arrangements and apparatus.

Act as an official decision-maker in enrolling key staffs.

Provide effective organization to hotel partners.

Respond to audits to ensure consistent change is refined.

Lead in all parts of business masterminding.

Ensure monthly reporting to owners and stakeholders

Responsible for protecting the idea of undertakings both (inside and outside surveys).

The overseer is to ensure opened up Hotel room yield and give more salary through Overseeing and managing all workplaces and working personally with division heads once per day. The management practices and programs.

Create the Clients handling process and take part in the client acquisition program.

Job Skills and requirements

The role of a Hotel manager is to oversee the daily aspects of the Hotel and handle the various operations of the Hotel management. The Hotel Manager has different roles and most of it the staffing to Human resource management ("Job description for unit general manager", 1985).  The Hotel manager Job is not for an individual who would sit behind the desk, it needs the individual to work and coordinate all aspects of the hotel including knowing what is going on in other aspects of the Hotel (Mansour Ghazi, 2016). The job requires human knowledge and how to delay with people from different backgrounds. From managing departmental heads to the different divisions of the company, there will be the need for accounting knowledge as the person will need to check accounting journals and prepare for the bigger events as well.  The general manager will also have to deal with the staffing issues.

SWOT Analysis to the Career Development



Within the first year, I will have enough experience to qualify for the role of the Hotel Manager.

· For the role of Hotel Manager, I will need to have to upgrade my skills and have a certificate in management.

· I will also upgrade my skills on an understanding of the accounting and have a certificate in accounting.



· There are opportunities to improve my skills.

· There are seminars which can be useful in upgrading my skills.

· There are funds from the family which can be used in furthering education.

· There might not be enough time to attend the seminars and other schedules

· The busy schedule may not allow the carrier development.


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