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NASCAR, a curious word that piqued my interest the first time I heard it. As a result, the word was widely used by people of the southern states. Listening in on the interactions of the people I sat next to revealed that NASCAR was a concept of fundamental significance to the Southern States. At first, I was skeptical of what NASCAR meant, and my shyness in engaging with humans was a source of concern. Nonetheless, after developing a relationship with a person I knew, I became interested in learning more about NASCAR. NASCAR seemed to influence the culture of the Americans whom I had interacted with, and the main focus of my curiosity was towards understanding what it entails, its origin and its importance in the American culture.

NASCAR seems to share a significant part of the American history. Through conversing with my friend, I learned a lot about NASCAR as a form of car racing in the American society. The first term I learned was moonshine a term for alcohol a drink which seems to have a social influence in their interactive process. Accordingly, the NASCAR as a car racing event traces its roots to the illegal trade of the "moonshine." Apparently, the "moonshiners" or the traders of the drink changed the features of their vehicles to ensure that they can outrace their law enforcement officers. Nonetheless, after the moonshine or whiskey became legal to consume, which I found to be bitter yet stimulating to the body, the various drivers commenced competing against each other. NASCAR which after asking strangers, since my friend was not aware of the meaning of the acronym, means National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, came to rise extensively in popularity. From the races among a few comrades with their vehicles to the present day, vehicles seemed to reshape the social dynamics of the Americans. Accordingly, as per my friend, the races are held in various periods throughout the year. As a planet reliant on the sunshine, it was clear from my friend that during the summer period, the major races were held. Further, from the evaluation of America, it was clear that the southern states experienced longer periods of sunlight which made the region favorable for hosting the events. Hence, as per my friend, NASCAR is a unifying factor due to the integration of individuals from diverse States across the nation congregating to enjoy the thrill of cars racing.

NASCAR seems to encompass a significant part of the American culture. From my friend’s perspective, it became evident that there NASCAR translates into a distinctive brand of racing that is deep seated among the Americans. Through interaction with my friend, it was clear that its importance in the American culture was based on twofold aspects. The love for pure speed as the first aspect of American culture in their appreciation of NASCAR was evident. From my pal’s perspective, the thrill of watching cars racing for hours in their unique ovoid circuit was an astute aspect of enthusiasm as per my observation. Accordingly, there was exuberance from my friend’s description of the cars racing around the distinctively unique super elevated ovals. In the description of the racing tracks, the super elevated stadiums were essentially one continuous straightaway. Of equal wonder was the prospect that at the center of the tracks were people enjoying their drinks, meat and viewing the cars as they race around. I was amazed at how NASCAR through the fundamental facets of the track and preference to watch speeding vehicles formed a social bonding event.

Secondly, from the analysis of NASCAR as an American culture, it was evident that it was an aspect of insularity in the societal environment. My friend was focused towards stating that the importance of NASCAR emanates from the preference of ensuring uniqueness from their European colonizers. Despite viewing me suspiciously as an alien without comprehension of my intentions, there was the emphasis on stating that NASCAR formed an event that showed resistance and deviation from the behaviors of the settlers. As Americans, the NASCAR was unique from their European settlers. As such, the European settlers, as per my friend, it was clear that their form of racing entailed tracks that were unique in structure with corners and defined paths. As opposed to the clear ovoid tracks, the Europeans employed a distinctive approach to racing their cars my friend was adamant at emphasizing that the European style was far more boring, structured, with many rules and the focus on entertaining the people was not evident. NASCAR, on the other hand, is interactive with a close knit experience evident in viewing the diverse racing cars.


NASCAR occupies a fundamental part of the American culture. Through interacting with my pal, it is out right that NASCAR is both a unifying factor coupled with a sign of rebellion or uniqueness from their colonizers. Further, my friend exudes pride in depicting the unique tracks and the interacting process of the races that makes NASCAR a part of American culture. I am hoping that the introduction of my cultural values will be positively adopted once I leave this planet or transformed just like NASCAR to occupy a significant part of their culture.

July 24, 2021

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