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Nielsen's Social Media Presence

Nielsen is an active company in all social media channels and is a company that seems to take very seriously the role of social media in achieving company goals. The company has an active presence on LinkedIn and uses the platform not only to allow employees to interact with other professionals but prospective employees to seek information and understand the company better. On LinkedIn, Nielsen provides a wealth of information including the purpose of the company. The company’s main products are also outlined in the LinkedIn profile with short explanations that ensures the reader takes very few minutes to understand the company. The company also outlines its goals including providing the world-class measurement and analytics that aid improves performance. The company’s areas of operation in over 100 countries are also provided. The profiles of the employees are a wealth of information for a job seeker like me. The company offers links to many employees with their different positions, linkages projects, and skills and competencies including cultural aspects of culture. A viewer can easily access the positions they would like to apply for and gain a lot of information on the competence, skills, and abilities as well as education required to perform well in that position.

Utilizing Nielsen's LinkedIn Profile

I would use the information provided by Nielsen on its LinkedIn profile to create a professional profile by highlighting the competencies, skills, and my abilities that will help me perform at the position I am applying. I would ensure that my skills and background match the job description, offer additional information that makes me a better candidate. I would also ensure that I demonstrate that I have the values, commitment, and drive to match the one evident in the profiles of both the company and its employees. Ensuring professionalism, compelling presentation of accolades, talents, and accomplishments that show the value I would be to Nielsen in its operations globally.

September 04, 2023


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