Normative Teaching in the Montessori Classroom

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I feel inspired to continue my career as a teacher at Montessori Secondary after watching the film with the seniors. It is clear that the school has been successful in developing a culture that benefits the kids. As a result, my main duty will be to comprehend and integrate into the system so that it functions effectively for the school. The main duty of a teacher is to establish a favorable learning environment where the needs of the pupils come first. The youngsters continuing their work as if you are not there is another major accomplishment and a sign of success for any teacher. Therefore, normalization is an essential part of the journey of becoming a teacher as it should be their wish for every child. From the video, the senior students outline benefits of normalization, aspects that will help them even in their next level of education.

Concept of Normalization

Although it has not been widely adopted in many classrooms, normalization is the process of organizing the structure of your object schemas to increase the cohesion of classes. Additionally, this approach also seeks to minimize coupling between the students, thereby improving the quality of teaching in class. From my perspective, normalization fits in my life as a teacher in the sense that I aspire to ensure my student is an active explorer and can develop self-direction in the learning process. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate this technique in any level of education to help create a stimulating environment for children that fosters independence, coordination, and concentration. In a classroom, the role of the teacher is to nurture the growth of students in all aspects including emotional, physical, social, and cognitive (Montessori 185). As such, normalizing a class will help one reinforce practical life activities and promote freedom of interaction among students.

Five Quotes

“Man’s true nature lies hidden within himself. And this nature, which was given to him at conception must be recognized and allowed to grow.” (Montessori 148). Here, Montessori is advocating for normalization, which he claims to be a psychic cure. Essentially, teachers should seek to encourage children to overcome their fears and live in peace with established disciplines.

“First remove the beam from your own eye and then you will see clearly how to remove the speck from the eye of a child.” (Montessori 149) I found this quote important as it provides the fundamental requirement to success for a teacher; he must study himself and prepare interiorly to remove defects that impede his interaction with children.

“A man builds himself through working.” (Montessori 186). The significance of this quote is the fact that it points to the child’s instinct to work, a critical aspect of their development. According to the author, children should be provided with suitable environments that will help them become independent of adults, in efforts to promote growth.

“The perfection of man’s works is not to be measured by man’s own needs but by the mysterious designs of his instinct to work.” (Montessori 188) According to the author, nature urges man to work and build something for himself as proof of his existence. As such, it is of the essence to allow children develop this instinct at an early stage to enable them master and utilize this concept.

“The external object and action are in every case of only accidental importance.”(Montessori 96). This quote acknowledges that there is a relationship between the perfecting of a child’s inner life and the environment. In essence, adults should allow children to explore the nature freely, sometimes through work that has no productive end.

Work Cited

Montessori, Maria. "The secret of childhood, trans." MJ Costello (Notre Dame, IN: Fides, 1966), 20, 1992, pp.140-190.

February 09, 2023

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