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Companies that use proper recruiting and screening methods are most likely to do well. SMC Global Securities Limited's selection policy is one example. The corporation uses a number of activities that have an effect on the results. According to the firm, portals are the primary tool for recruiting, employee references, and networking. During the recruiting and screening process, the organization frequently considers the number of prospective recruits who show up versus those who wait in line. Simply put, the corporation has an outstanding, well-established structure in place that understands the significance of cost-benefit ratios in the long-term context of recruiting employees. Last but not least is the indicating by employees that the analysis of potential recruits is fair and efficiently executed. However, the article goes on to mention some recommendations that may further improve recruitment. These include an emphasis on training and increasing the recruiters’ skills and focussing on talent acquisition (Kumari, 2012).

Based on the methods used for recruitment and the recommendations highlighted for SMC Global Securities, it is evident that the company needs to adopt some of the strategies employed by Facebook. Keeping in mind that Facebook analyses and selects existing talents within, SMC firm should also consider implementing such strategies effectively (Antoun et al., 2015). This move will facilitate the acquisition of a team that works together rather than developing a new one. Similar to Facebook, SMC can also implement a flexible standard of recruitment that is also specific acceptance where applicants who may not hold formal training can get a job provided that they possess the required skill set, commitment, and ambition to work things out (Archana et al., 2013). Lastly, SMC can embrace change by valuing individuals who are risk-takers and therefore avoid missing valuable opportunities.


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December 21, 2022


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