Organizational Behavior

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1A. In teams, or as directed by your instructor, define or indicate if your organization has readily identifiable objectives, values and standards and they are part of the organization’s strategic direction?




To create awareness


To ensure quality control

To create job satisfaction


Increase knowledge and skill


1B. using workplace examples, in teams or as directed by the instructor, complete the following

Identify linkages between organizational objectives, values and standards and the responsibilities needed.

So that the organization can be successful in business, respect should be main and quality control to ensure job satisfaction.

Reference the agreed policy or procedure in place for delivering this.

Referring to quality control we carry checkup to ensure that it is of desired quality and we have always asked our customer if you doubt the quality of product kindly contact us.

Detail any specifications in place for the relevant media and language used

The media we use is facebook(J & J CO) ,twitter(@ JJCO) and email( WWW. [email protected]).

The language used is English

Detail any method used to validate the receipt or understanding of the message.

Our receipt is just like the other but it has a serial no on the top printed in red.


i.  It is important to state clear expectations so that each member remember what he is expected.

ii.  explain the expectations, in a manner which builds commitment to the organizations’? They are goals which every member of the organization has been put to archive.


Provide expectation and issues involved in the examples provided below.


What are the issues /expectation?

Environmental management

The community expects to produce a product that is environmentally friendly.

Workplace health and safety

Healthy people led to healthy economy hence at our organization health and safety is key.

Product safety

In our organization, we ensure that better quality and safe product are produced.


We take customer service to be our first duty and we ensure proper handling of customers.

Values and ethics

We are much in place to look at moral principles.

1E. in teams or as directed by the instructor, explain your views or provide examples from your workplace on communicating results of incidents to relevant groups and individuals.

Who needs this information?

Relevant group and individuals

Both the relevant groups and individuals need this information since it affects them all.

What is the information that needs to be communicated to the relevant groups and individuals?

The message should how to expand the company by maintaining values and ethics

How can be the incident be communicated to others staff?

It can be communicated by writing an internal memo.

What limitations may exist for communicating with relevant groups and individuals?

The limitation is that once the information has started spreading other may add exaggeration since it may not be first-hand data.

2A. in groups, or as directed by the instructor, complete the following:

Reflect on your workplace for examples or reference.

What examples are there of a culture of trust, confidence, and respect with communication from appropriate workplace senior management?

This is effective where a manager does not give instructions directly to the subordinate, he, in turn, calls his deputy and tell him who in turn calls the supervisor and who in turn will tell the worker

What are some examples of positive role modeling existing in your organization?

A manager being able to manage the organization without corruption, nepotism and racism

What examples are there to explain what effective communication is?

Its occurs may be if a worker needs a salary increment he will not go directly to the manager, he will tell his supervisor who in turn will tell the deputy manager and by doing so there is effective communication.

What are the benefits of diversity for your company/department?

It has led to the growing of talents and skill

It has created innovation


Describe in your own words what you understand by the term globalization? It refers to making something or a product be known to the whole world.

What are some examples of new technology in your work processes that you can identify?

New software for marketing

New packaging techniques

What are some of the benefits and potential challenges facing your organization as a result of globalization?


Detail examples from your workplace of actions conveying flexibility.

In our place, to be able to convey flexibility we plan early and start acquiring resources for doing that work, we then organize the work and after we do the work and after completing our work we start managing it.

Detail examples from your workplace of action conveying adaptability.

When we open a new shop we try as much as possible to adapt to the new market and to attract more people in we offer discounts.

Detail examples from your workplace of actions conveying accessibility.

Through the internet, our organization has been able to advertise its product and by so doing people can buy online and we deliver the good for them at a fee.


Give examples of a variety of leadership roles or actions that you would consider require consultation and participation in the decision making.

 In decision making, I would like to consult about the timekeeping and proper teamwork management. This is because our organization had an issue with the two hence delaying our new projects.

Describe who may be the relevant groups or individuals involved

Ø Your details may include assessments, observation, questioning or evidence gathered from the workplace.

Ø Draw on your workplace for examples, or as directed by the instructor

Workplace examples

Consultation and participation in decision making with appropriate people

What would you do to help people distinguish your product from counterfeit in the market?

On the can of the product, there will be somewhere to scratch and SMS that number for free  to 2565

How many days will it take to deliver a product that is purchased online?

It will take a maximum of seven days


In groups, or as directed by the instructor, complete a SWOT analysis of an example from your workplace of leadership decision making where you have encountered or have knowledge of:

The need and expectations of both internal and external groups

Risk management plans for the decision made

What is the workplace example of the leadership or management decision that was made?

We searched for a place to sell our products luckily we found a place where these products are rare and the population there is quite big. We decided to open up a shop there.


SWOT analysis of this decision example

It's strength

The customers are appreciating the product.

It's weaknesses

Transportation is expensive hence low-profit margins.

It's opportunities

Untapped market.

It's a threat

Are the competitors coming after liking to lower the cost?


In team/groups or as directed by the instructor, consider an example from your workplace of an important decision announcement and detail what undertakings were employed to ensure that your organization was represented positively in the media and community

What example of an important announcement are you using? Our company has recently produced another brand and we shall be using television and the internet to make people aware.

Detail the media undertakings.

The media has a positive undertaking since we are having more customers who are purchasing it online.


Job role/descriptions and specifications. Does your organization have a standard job or position description/ specification template?

Yes? (


If yes(

Yes, in our offices each has a print out of his day to day work.

If no(


How can you ensure teams are well resourced?

I ensure that my team is well resourced by holding a meeting twice a month to discuss issues.

What does delegation mean and involve?  Delegation simply means how power is divided. i.e. from a manager to his deputy, deputy to subordinate’s etc.


Using your own workplace analysis and knowledge, review the key elements that make up your team. These key elements may be of internal nature or relate to external factors




Quality control

Using Tuckman’s of team development, what stage do you think your team is at and why? Our organization is in norming because now every appreciates the work done by others


In groups, or as directed by the instructor, describe the following using your workplace as an example or reference

Identify the following:

The ethical investment made by your organization and what that represents to you?

We as an organization try to make a corruption free business and which me as a manager, to be honest.

Ethical training programmes

We as an organization have created a training program to let the community around us aware of the effect of corruption

Codes of conduct with particular reference to the increasing diversity in the workplace.

As an organization, we have set rules and regulation that everyone including me should adhere to.


 In groups, or as directed by the instructor, detail your understanding of the following leadership styles and using examples from your workplace, give examples where these qualities have met particular circumstances and situations

Leadership styles


In this organization, technical skills are highly appreciated.


In the society, our organization has participated in tree planting to curb climate change.


What the manager influence on the subordinate leads to a positive outcome.


 Everyone is assigned his role and given all support to complete it.


All member of this organization follow what the manager has directed them


In this organization, it is the manager who gives the procedure to be followed.


1 I will  need to think and act as a leader of choice.

2 I will need workers for supply and production purposes.

3 I would need communication skills and mentoring skill which will help me in achieving objectives.

4  I need to acquire the knowledge of management to be able to know run the organization.

5 No.

Complete the self-assessment table: my leadership over the past 12months.

Some examples of assessment

Do well



I clarify the roles and responsibilities


I define priorities for our organization


I make planning strategically a high priority


I understand the ethical responsibility that comes with leadership


A align the efforts of individuals and teams with the organization visions, values, and objectives


I deal with issues and concern promptly


I regularly build team spirit and morale and get results


I consider and offer development challenges


I work diligently and selflessly to achieve organizational goals for the performance, quality, service,  profits and corporate responsibility



 The purpose of networking to this organization is to make it globally.


My networking opportunities are my product are very unique in the market and that everywhere we open up people have a positive outcome for our product


Assessment 2: Skills and Knowledge Activity

1. They help in accomplishing vision and mission and through communication skills he can be able to communicate them. Through mentoring skill, a leader is able to know the other person well.

2. As a leader, I will encourage it by giving each member an opportunity in social work most probably the youth and women. I will also ensure that I listen to everyone views and ideas.

3. Networking has made it easier for getting new opportunities. It has also led to increased sharing of ideas and helping others.

4.  By attending to each event either by sending a representative or by availing myself.

5. Competition is the risk.


Loss of customers

Loss of work.

I will ensure that our organization produce best quality goods that will be able to compete with the other

Assessment 3: Major Activity

1. To communicate our organization goal, we can publish it on our social media pages and we can also publish it on the logo on the brochures.

2. It is important to influence groups and individual as a leader because most people may listen to you since a leader has a convincing power.

3. When building a team, you need to have a goal of why you are creating it. You also need to set rules and regulations that govern the team. When building a team also there should be a leader to control his members. Lastly, you should ensure that the member relates well.

4. In order to support a team, I will first have to look at their goal. Secondly, I will have to read their rules and regulations to see if I can adhere to them. If I can adhere to them and their goal is good then I can support it.

5. To my personal competence, I will use the personal ability, self-awareness, and self-management to run my organization. To my professional competence, I will use my skill and knowledge to run the organization successfully.

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