Path-Goal Leadership Theory

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The path-goal theory of leadership attributes employee productivity to the group's leader. According to the principle, the leader should motivate and guide personnel toward the attainment of their personal as well as business goals (Northouse 139). Furthermore, the manager should provide professional connection with the staff in order to identify their vulnerabilities and motivate them to achieve a better end. Art's interaction with the staff is unmotivating. Art travels around reminding the staff but does not interact with them to comprehend their job problems. On the other hand, Bob is too social with the employees. He invests too much time towards social interactions with the employees instead of guiding the employees towards the perfection of their duties in the firm. The high turnover in his department communicates the frustrations of the workers, which make them quit the job. Carol interacts with the employees professionally assisting them to meet their personal goals as well as the objectives of the company. She motivates the employees and ensures they remain productive all times making her a better manager.

Question 2

The leadership of Art focuses on giving directions to the employees without personal interactions. As such, the employees feel frustrated with the nature of their work but do not have the right channels to communicate with the manager. Art concentrates on the business but fails to address the concerns of the employees. The workers under Bob face complications in their duties. The tasks allocated to them are complex exposing them to challenges in meeting their duties. However, Bob does not address such issues frustrating the employees leading to a high turnover and absenteeism. Leaders should interact with the employees at a personal level to understand their challenges. Caro is the best manager in the firm. She holds trouble shooting sessions where she addresses problems encountered at work. More so, she motivates the employees by equipping them with skills to perform their duties (Singh 165).

Question 3

Art and Bob need to adhere to the elements of path-goal leadership theory. The two leaders need to make the job satisfying to the employees by administering a personal connection with the employees. Art needs to focus on both the job and the employees. Art focuses more on the job giving the employees the perception that he does not understand their predicaments (Deckop 123). Bob leads a team with challenges in operating the machines. However, he does not pay attention to the challenges faced by the employees. Both Art and Bob need to motivate their teams by addressing their concerns and their problems to improve their professionalism. Carol is a good manager who understands her employees and works hard to improve their productivity. Art and Bob should emulate Carol.


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May 10, 2023

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