Patient Safety Task

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A more critical population now require more attention as it forces the expansion of healthcare over the years now. To emphasize this spot of anxiety, nurses must set up an effective communication with each other and their staffs. For instance, they need to be alert to the patient data to reduce discrepancies, swap patient information punctually, and professionally communicate with other healthcare personnel. Executing these protocols as a capable nurse will decrease errors, and the patient will be safe throughout their time at the facility.


            Nurses may come across situations where they are unsure about their decisions, and that may cause them to query their procedures. In this case, the best plan of action is to seek advice from a coworker. A situation where safety calls for considering principles, attitude, and also normalities of what is necessary to health centers and its views, behaviors that are related to the patient safety are suitable and anticipated. Furthermore, workflow at hospitals may be interrupted while multitasking in a busy environment. These might cause a setback in carrying out patient records, imputing his/her data into files or management systems of the patients, and eventually place the patient in danger. Working in a hospital nurse is expected to more careful in preoccupying multiple tasks with completing their tasks and overlooking safety of the patients.

The ultimate aim of most healthcare is delivering useful and adequate care to patients. Therefore, nurses cannot underestimate in ensuring they play roles as required. The initial survey o the nurse's ratio did not include evaluation, but it brought up a different parameter that incorporated nurses and patients’ communication that contributed to their care.

Effect of rounding. The study conducted in most of the healthcare organizations assures that rounding of nurses throughout the wards focused on patient satisfaction and safety. Rounding ensures patients that nurses are passing by to see if they need any help occasionally. Consequently, in its place of patients attempting to use the bell light, ambulate and bells to the get support to the bathroom, they may choose to wait until staff rounding time. The involvement was to implement with the charge nurse creating schedule rounds at two-hour intervals. At the study went on, it indicated that there was a substantial rise in patient happiness, reduction of call light and bells by the patients when they need help has decreased.

Practical rounding. According to the study that conducted on an orthopedic part focusing on improving nurses reaction to patients’ needs and requests responses from patients were analyzed, and it said that the primary determinant of patient satisfaction was a timely response to patient calls and needs. A model is focusing how to perform efficient rounding introduced. The model was implemented in an orthopedic unit with a script for the staff to utilize as they played their hourly rounding. A rounding form was also formulated for the nursing leaders to measure the effectiveness of the model. At the conclusion of the study, a development in patient satisfaction noted.

Use of call bell indicated that patient satisfaction was a nurse-sensitive indicator that the study focused on relating to the quality of care to nursing practice. Patients’ perception of there is a reflection in the patient satisfaction survey. Therefore, it was necessary to educate the staff regarding the relationship between the care they give and the patients’ perception of the care received. A call light log was utilized to identify the most important six reasons for patients’ calls. It revealed that the need for reposition, pain, and toileting were the top three requests to patient satisfaction, which are know as likely call bell use. The strategic solution was the introduction of hourly or two-hourly rounding schedule and proactively offers pain medication, blankets, and assistant for toileting. The result was a significant decrease in patients’ use of call light. Indicator for caring.

A significant strength identified during the assessment is the amount and quality of communication between layers of the organization. At the nursing unit level, the connection comes in many forms, including email, huddles, bedside reports, charge nurse reports, posted fliers, staff meetings, charge nurse meetings and leadership rounding to name a few. Each unit has a charge nurse for each shift of the day, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Nursing leadership expects that each charge nurse rounds on the patients on their units to determine customer services issues. Charge nurses are non-management employees; essentially, staff, nurses who rotate the between patient care assignments and charge nurse duty. As members of the general team, by their colleagues on the unit, which will assist to lend credibility to the rounding results by the team.

Weaknesses portrayed by the nurses on duty. An assessment of the failings of the organization and the two nursing units identified six concerns.

 They include;

Current nurse customer service rounding is lacking as a unit routine,

Numerous patient care initiatives compete for the resource,

Feedback on an individual performance involving caregiver to nurse interaction does not always happen in real time,

Frequent communications with staff impede message delivery current budgets does not allow for additional expenditures for special projects, and

 Bedside staff lack understanding of the relationship between their actions and patient perception of care.

An expectation of senior hospital leaders is for nurse leaders to round on the patients on their respective units for customer service. These are not occurring regularly and lacks a regimen for the charge nurses to follow. Providing the rounding program will assist the nursing unit to establish regular charge nurse rounds with a regimen to be followed by each charge nurse for each round occurrence which should strengthen the rounding experience for higher patient satisfaction.The host organization is a large academic medical center and has many competing priorities affecting patient care staff which often leads to the failure of new initiatives. One identified the reason for such failures is the lack of support and follow through on the part of hospital leadership. Successful efforts have certain commonalities: visibility of leadership coupled with a consistent level of continual focus on the enterprise. The large volume of staff combined with a large number of patient interactions provides a challenge for nursing leaders to give feedback in real time to enhance performance. Often, input concerning nurse-patient communication is not only given if a concern is of such a nature that warrants immediate attention. The proposed rounding program will provide real-time feedback to the staff, both positive and negative, to improve their bedside interactions and enhance the patient’s perception of care. Additionally, the large volume of information communicated to the staff often dilutes out the various messages resulting in staff ignorance of valuable details. Here it seems to prevent the possible rounding program, the project lead provided information to the staff regarding the purpose of the rounding program as well as constructed emails updating the nurses on the project progress. During the rounding program, dissemination of the rounding information was given in a summary, post rounding, to the on-duty staff in real time by the charge nurse who collected it. The medical center has established an organizational expectation that all staff productivity levels maintain 100% and for unit level budgets to come in on target. There are no additional monies for special projects; consequently, the rounding program was developed to include it in daily charge nurse rounds, which should be part of the 26 nursing unit’s daily routine. Utilization of the charge nurses assisted to remain budget neutral during the project. The design of the customer service rounding program made this directive feasible without compromising the outcomes. Nursing leadership has voiced that staff nurses lack an understanding of how their approach to patient care is related to patient satisfaction. Often citing incidences in which patients have complained about a perception of rudeness when a nurse or other caregiver answer a call light as an example, the nurse managers related many anecdotes of nurse-patient interactions that should have been conducted differently by the nurse to enhance the patient satisfaction of care. Opportunities. The organization is necessary to maintain the patient satisfaction scores to the preset target by senior leadership. Additionally, there is a need for bedside staff members to understand how their interactions influence patient’s perceptions of care and ultimately, the patient satisfaction scores. Currently, nursing leadership has identified this need and cites that getting buy-in from the bedside staff on the importance of their actions and its impact on patient’s perception of care will be crucial to increase satisfaction scores. Involvement of staff members with the project either through the actual patient rounding or the post rounding summary will enable staff members to have a sense of responsibility fostering the shared governance model of the organization and modify behaviors to increase patient satisfaction.

The understaffing in most healthcare organizations brings the effect on the patient and the well-established literature. Nevertheless, when bearing in mind the force of nurse recruitment on hospital economic consequence, and few articles have examined this relationship. Specifically, hospital financial performance measures were limited to overall costs while excluding other essential measures such as operating and total profit margin associated nurse staffing, the excellence of care and economic presentation. The study said that increased in managing costs with a higher level of nurses to be registered; present were no essential effects of nurse enrollment on profit limits, which questions hospital management practices of reducing nursing staffing during times of financial hardship. Also performed a cost-effectiveness analysis on patient-to-nurse ratios, and they found that lowering the nurse workload decreased mortality rates and led to overall cost savings. Similarly, determined that hospitals with higher nurse staffing levels resulted in cost savings due to reductions in hospital-acquired infections, shorter lengths of stay and improved productivity. However, there is a lack of research examining the effect of nurse staffing ratios on hospital performance while controlling for market characteristics. The investigation on the impacts of production and nurse staffing make the structure and the competition.

Creating a Safer Surroundings

            Being competent to communicate efficiently and recognize patient concerns are extremely encouraged in healthcare places. Team members need to carefully categorize their ideas and work together with each other to productively treat the patient securely and efficiently. The development of a safety program is essential in healthcare, and this will be the key to reducing and avoiding errors to improve the overall patient’s quality of life.

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October 13, 2023

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