Personal Decision and Planned Marriages

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Marriage is an organization where people spend their entire lives together. As such, the choice on the person to marry should be personal. In an arranged marriage, the couples do no longer have the freedom to choose their partners. If one of them does not like the other, the families pressure them to live together. Therefore, it becomes hard for them to revel in their marriage due to lack of happiness. Planned weddings limit the couples from enjoying their preferences. The inability to select a partner means that the man and woman have to cast off their expectations of the other person and endure the marriage with minimal probabilities of exercising their preference. Arranged marriages might confine the couple to a life of misery and sadness in situations where the couple is not compatible.
On the other hand, arranged marriages save time. The couple knows their partners at an early age and does not waste time looking for them. Here, the couple can concentrate on other things such as education and employment. During the marriage, it is possible for love to grow and for the couple to lead happy lives. It is a typical scene where a couple divorces despite the personal selection of a partner. None of the methods can determine the happiness of the marriage. Personally, I prefer making a personal decision in marriage. Love is a necessary part of a sustainable marriage. It is impossible for the family to know which woman a man loves or the attributes that the couple need from each other. The fulfillment of such needs is the fundamental reasons behind my support for personal decisions in the marriage. Marriages are private, and the process of selection should remain personal with minimal or no influence from the outsiders.

May 04, 2022

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