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When you become a king, you must put other people's interests ahead of your own. This ensures that many things must be put in order to ensure that your supporters are well served to achieve their success. Combating corruption, generating jobs, constructing social amenities, and developing the economy are only a few of the aspects that the leader can prioritize. Any of which is only possible if the government is responsible enough. We will go through each task separately, elaborating on each of a leader's duties.

Combating Corruption: Corruption is a major problem in the United States, affecting both the government and the people. The fight against corruption requires strict laws in place such that whoever breaks the laws in governance or asa citizen should be punished according. I did not compromise when it came to fighting corruption because I want everyone to have what is deservedly theirs.

There henceforth we have all seen the economy of the country improve when the fight against this vice was scaled up, since corruption deteriorates the economy of a country. Corruption can be in form of bribery, nepotism,and fraud; for example if a business owner bribes a government official to manipulate the processes that ensure a free market ensuring the briber isa sole proprietor. This means other people cannot do such a business, thus with no competition in the market the business granted with the licenses will increase the prices of their goods which in turn causes inflation in the country. This is a problem to the country because there are some goods of this good lack alternative superior substitutes.Also when goods are so expensive it means the poor cannot afford such, therefore there has to be a standard price to enable both the fortunate and the less fortunate in the society live meaningful lives.

Creation of employment: Although unemployment is a major issue worldwide, I tried as much I could to ensure at least majority of the people are working. I came up with policies some of which included those with many jobs to at least to let other have the opportunities to serve in their capacities. In addition to this, I reduced the interest rate to allow people to borrow loansand start businesses. At policy level I implemented policies that favored industrial growth in many statesthus creating more jobs for our vibrant youth population who have been disenfranchised for so long.

Improving the economy: There was a healthy economic growth, because of employment increase since people are more productive with a complete perspective of the market. I improved the education sector such that learners are now equipped with knowledge and skills which helps them to make better decisions and hence becoming successful entrepreneurs most young people now think in the line of being employers rather than employees.There was a policy on tax cut that saw taxes on essential needs slashed, while the luxuries were heavily taxed to equilibrate expenditure by the public and even purchasing power per capita.

Building of social amenities became a paramount agenda as I settled into my leadership. I wanted to ensure I have a well-educated nation so to actualize this I had to ensure that I built many schoolsMoreover I ensured that high quality education was offered in school by reviewing our curriculum such that our children get value from the learning process. Quality education also meant inculcating virtues through the learning process such the nation has citizensof high integrity and with sufficiency of good will. In addition to that when they are employed they are able to be provide fruitful results at work and act with utmost wisdom for the greater good of society and the nation, but not only focus on self-propagation at expense of a brother or sister

In Addition to that I spearheaded to equipping hospitalsto enable people to access affordable and quality healthcare services across the nation. I also ensured that our doctors are well trained and remunerated when it comes to employment such that we retain this much important labour force I our country.This ultimately increasedlife expectancy amongst the population with a decreasing death rate and high birth rate per annum. Improved Maternal and child health care has been a landmark in the health sector and I look forward to improving its scale to touch more areas of maternal and child health apart from free delivery an prenatal visits and health insurance that is responsive to motherly issues. By building these social amenities urbanization has not escaped our eyes as we see previously remote areas growing and people moving into them to take up employment opportunities and improve the service industry.

I supported the infrastructural developments in the transport sector;more roads were well build and maintained as well as the railways. These large infrastructural undertakings have created means of employment since large labourforce is hired alleviating the joblessness scenario we are used to with our youths on the streets.I ensured the new rules and regulations on the road use were put in place and enforced to curb the common statistic on road carnage that put these accidents as a major killer and put this great nation at the top of the road accidents tables in the world.

Agriculture being among the main sectors in the economy, my leadership supported those in this sector by implementing laws that provided our subsidy programs which reduce the cost of farming ensuring there’s a lot of food production. I can therefore stand here and boldly state that we area a food secure nation that can no longer depend on food imports from other countries thus favouring a good balance of trade. Also I have assured farmers have ready market for goods their produce and small scale farmers shall enjoy low uniform taxes to ensure food production continues to be at its highest.

I supported the industrial and manufacturing industries, by ensuring regular supply of materials for instance the clothing industries. there was a regular supply of raw material to industries to curb the ever increasing slump scenarios we could see when raw materials were I n short supply. Also for those small scale industries I supported them by ensuring government was a consumer of their products and assisting in exporting their commodities that earned this country the much needed foreign capital.

On the issue of security people who are employed to work in such a sensitive service sector should be gauged and assessed to ascertain their capability. For instance a person who has a criminal record cannot work as a police unless they are cleared and reviewed to be of sound and changed character, were it not so such a person could be a threat to the nation’s security.

Such just as much as government has its work cut out each of us has a role to play to fit this jig saw, as John F. Kennedy said at his inauguration speech, ‘ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.’’

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January 25, 2023



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