Power Point Presentation on Auswide Bank

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Making PowerPoint presentations can be a challenging process, not only to a student but also to a professional presenter. During my previous presentation, I experienced these challenges. I found out that making a PowerPoint presentation required me to draft an outline comprising of the topics he or she is ready to present. I started a rigorous research so as to familiarize myself the subject matter of my task which required me to identify social responsibility expected on Auswide Bank and other Australian financial institutions. Research, especially on real existing phenomena, organizations and events, may be time consuming and tedious (Johnson, 2017). My presentation on Ausway Bank was nothing short of a challenge. I was tasked to conduct a rigorous research that would enable me arrange my presentation in bulletproof points. These bullet points would help me to effectively communicate my audience. Many presenters fail to grasp the relevant intention of the presentation and focus on bullet points, which amount to a waste of time (Bridges & Luks, 2016).

            I found out that some of the features in the Microsoft Power point application are not user friendly. Among the most challenging features were the voice narration and the animations features. Presentations requiring voice narrations ended up having me using a lot of time learning on how to insert voice narrations. Voice narration may be important especially when the audience have a habit of not paying attention to the presented. The malfunctioning voice narration feature really distressed me as I feared that I could not handle my audience using my speech. I therefore had hoped that the voice narration feature would come to my aid. I was forced to conduct my presentation without the voice narration; a presentation that most of my audience found a bore. Tufte (2016) asserts that the audience may find lengthy recitals of text-packed slides tedious.

Despite the challenges of making a good power point presentation, this graphical method of data presentation instilled in me efficient research and communication skills. I learned on how to paraphrase large amounts of data into short and direct bullet points. I also learned on how to analyse and fast proof written literature and convert relevant information in short detailed presentation that would be appealing and informative to my audience. Professionals, for instance nurses, require preparing formal presentations that would ensure their audience is well informed of the intended topic and that the audience actually enjoys the presentation session (Foulkes, 2015). Moreover, research enlightened me on the concerned topic.  

My Powerpoint presentation on Auswide Bank offered me relevant information regarding to the Auswide Bank and the Australian Banking System in general. Among the notable points were the corrupt and unethical practices by Australian banks. Auswide Bank is a bank found in regional Australia with its headquarter located in Bundaberg, Queensland. The bank has an asset base of 3 billion dollars (International Financing Review). Recently, the bank has seen various changes due to the effects of globalisation, recent unethical practices practiced by Australian banker and the general change of the banking system. I was shocked to realize that the Australian banking system was characterized by corrupt and unethical bankers and finance officials.

Globalisation has played a major role in changing the banking systems all over the world. Australian banks are not exempted from these changes. As from my research and presentation, I learnt that bank operations have been highly digitized. Banking transactions are now provided timely and efficiently.  Electronic data transmission, electronic communication and electronic transfer of finances between banks and clients have been the breakthrough to the banking system as funds can be transferred from anywhere and to anyone (Loredana & Gabriella, 2014).

Australian banks can now transact their finances with clients from all over the world. This increases the banks’ membership base and constructs their repute among the worldwide banking arena. Moreover, inventions and innovation made at any bank in the world is widely shared to other banks. This increases efficiency on handling banking matters. Competition brought about by this technology tantamount to efficiency.

            The advantages brought about by globalization however comes with the disadvantages from unethical practices committed by Australia’s bankers. Australian banking system is characterised by the numerous mischievous and unethical banking practices. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, banks in Australia are prone to facilitate numerous banking malpractices in their affairs. Australian banks normally charge fees for no service, charge dead people and the AMP itself deceives the regulator (The Sydney Morning Herald). Bank managers in big regional banks such as the Auswide Bank may confess of these unethical practices in their institutions.

            These malpractices are evidently followed by the adverse effects the Australian banking system and the economy has suffered. The general growth of the Australian banks is far from pleasing. My presentation entailed a detailed account of how the Australian dollar is growing at slow rates. Moreover, the American population has lost trust in their banks. Many citizens have been reported to have transferred their funds to international banks located outside the country. Banking has also lost a significant amount of reputation and citizens are finding it wiser to save their money in other financial institutions.

The effect of unethical behaviours in Australian banks was an eye-opener to me as a concerned citizen. Veteran banks such as the Auswide Bank also suffer from the malpractices done by their banking contemporaries. Banks should learn that the unethical transgressions they do with and to their customers end up affecting the whole economy adversely. As an aspiring bank managers and financial consultant, I learnt that it was necessary for me to develop a humane character in my business practices. A character that is not always guided by self-interest and individual gain from their clients would liberate the wanting condition our banking system suffers. Bank managers should feel the social obligations expected by their clients. As a manager, I thought that my principles and practices should be guided by moral principles, and that I should abandon the exploitative profit maximization notion of normal business leaders. Customer and employee welfare should be my first priority. Managers should ensure that their customers are well treated and that they leave the bank premises satisfied by the services offered to them. Lastly, I was to work for the establishment of an ethical and conducive financial and social environment.

            To conclude, my research and presentation on the banking system has opened my eyes on the real life banking industry. I found the knowledge in my research and my past class work beneficial for my future career in business. The study familiarized me to the real picture of the financial and corporate world. Unethical practices in the banking system were evident to me that for the economy to thrive, it is upon players of each and every sector to ensure their practices are done as per the rules and regulations.  In fact, the research made me realize myself as a moralist. The banking system also appeared to me as a very volatile sector whose matters should be looked into the sooner so as to correct the economic condition of the country. Future regulation to the banking system, together with its key players, is mandatory.


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October 24, 2023
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