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Engineering as a Catalyst for Advancement

Engineering has critically advanced humanity over the years through various innovations and development that have occurred in various sectors such as transportation, trade, and textile, a move that has led to sophistication in nearly all aspects of agriculture, business, and communication from the ever-increasing innovations among engineers.

Benefits to Humanity

Humanity has recently benefited greatly from universal electrification, access to clean and safe water, locomotives, reliable and correct knowledge, adequate health care, and interesting discovery, many of which have been encouraged by important studies and developments in diverse fields of engineering. These advancements and innovation have helped combat various problems such as improper use of tools and methods of farming, relying information that made human interaction and integration difficult there before.

Ongoing Challenges

However, it is imperative to have in mind that there are still a couple of problems that their solutions have not yet been fully identified. Worth noting, there are other unforeseen challenges that are anticipated to pose threats to humanity as the population continuously grows such as the novel-related diseases (National Academy of Engineering 6). Therefore, the human race is still viewed to be vulnerable and hence engineering remains the main focus of everyone in finding these immediate and long-term remedies to counteract both natural and artificial problems.

The Role of Engineering in the Future

In conclusion, engineering in cooperation with the non-government and government institutions, political agents, and society at large will offer way out to most of the challenges that affect humanity both now and in future as it has been throughout the history in the case study.

Work Cited

National Academy of Engineering: “Grand Challenges for Engineering” 2017 Pp.1-8

December 21, 2022



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