Precluding Obesity in Younger Age

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Obesity is a medical condition of the body when one person is significantly overweighted. This condition influences every aspect of the body. People who experience this condition are at risk of acquiring other diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, cancers, and many others. Obesity not only affects patients' bodies, but it also harms them mentally and violates their entire well being. This condition is primarily caused by overeating and deficiency of physical activity. Other factors may cause obesity, such as social behavior, genetics, and metabolism, potentially affecting anyone. Nowadays, it is considered that one in every three children is experiencing obesity. Due to this condition, children feel ashamed, victimized, and they have low-quality health. The fact that these children and youth are being provided for and fed by their parents, they are left with no control over what they eat nor can they choose the environments to stay in. unhealthy environments that the youth are born into makes them at risk of being affected. Statics has it the children raised in poverty are at a higher risk unlike their fellows from rich families.

III. UN Involvement

The United Nations through the World Health organization has aided in awareness creation of the serious condition of the youth and according to their predictions, if the current trends do not change, the obesity in children will reach &0 million by 2025. The Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of non communicable diseases was approved by the World Health Assembly and WHO and mandated to address the issue. The body aims to attain its target by 2025 which will include the halt of children and adolescents obesity.

Technology being a challenge in the control of the condition, international community through World Health Organization, should create more awareness targeting the youth and the parents with an aim to educate them on the importance of physical exercise and effects of unhealthy eating habits. This way, the community will understand what types of food they are expected to take and feed their children reducing the risks of obesity in the community. Healthy living encouragement and donating food to the poor will help combat the menace since through this, constant healthy food supply will reach the poor and those capable of buying will observe their diet.

IV. Country Policy/Possible Solutions

California has fifth lowest obesity rate in America with the obesity rate of 24% in adults and 13.6% in children and the youth. This is a reduction owing to the programs set aside by the government to address this issue. California obesity Program COPP in America is one of the programs by the Public Health running other [programs such as the California Obesity Prevention Plan which work together to improve the health of its citizens. They are aided by other Non Governmental Organizations such as Childhood Obesity Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Action for Healthy Kids, Global Prevention Alliance among others.

Some of the effective measures that have been undertaken by the nation to combat obesity are the establishment of the access to quality pre and post natal care for mothers, regulation of foodstuffs and content of the school food lunch in schools and teaching of children how to cook to reduces their reliance on fast foods. However, more still need to be done; the advertisements of unhealthy foods to kids should be banned. Farmers markets should be added subsidies to increase their productions of vegetables and fruits as well as the increase in the funding or government support on the community-based experiments to reduce the level of obesity in California and America as a whole.


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Burden of Mental Illness

II. Background

The condition that a person’s mind including their emotions, mood, and thoughts is affected negatively is called mental Illness. There are over 200 types of mental illnesses including anxiety. The world still awaits the discovery of the cause of mental illness though researchers associate it to the biological, genetic, environment or physiological factors. Its recognition can be realized due to the many warnings it presents. The inability of the victims to accept that they are affected and accept treatment has thwarted efforts to help the victims.

Currently, 450 million are estimated to suffer from mental illness, the disease is considered a serious crisis since the victim can harm themselves because of being unhappy, owing to this, as high as 15% of the youth has inflicted pain on themselves with only 4% of adults that have done the same. These shows the percentages of youth affected and are in need of help to be free from this illness.

III. UN Involvement

Sustainable Development Agenda has incorporated mental health and the burdens of mental illness to create the positive impact in countries and communities affected where assistance is needed by millions of people. September 2015 marked the adoption of the agenda at the United Nations General assembly and Ban Ki-moon said it was a promise to all people everywhere by the leaders. The United Nations also adopted the Mental illness Principles for the provision of guidance on the major areas. However, they faced many criticisms owing to the weak protective nature of provisions and as a result, the United Nations on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) took over the mandate. The burden of mental illness has been reduced by the UN despite some failures. Progress is being made to help in mental rehabilitation since the adoption of revised agenda by the General Assembly.

IV. Country Policy/Possible Solutions

California recognizes mental illness as a disability with California Disability Resources and Advocacy Organizations set in place to address their issues. The services offered by the organizations in clued disability advocacy, home care services, Medicaid and assessing community recourses to help disabled people. The country provides low cost and free counseling and educational programs to the mentally ill through organizations such as Mental Health Service Division, NAMI California, and Mental Health America of California among others.

The most underrated mental illnesses and disorders include the eating disorders with many people considering as having an overwhelming appetite. What they may be viewing as appetite may be Nervosa or Binge eating disorder. The mood is also a disorder commonly underrated, it may be viewed as being personal or rather attitude by many not knowing the victims are suffering and need help. Establishment of mental hospitals, schools, and rehabilitation centers can help the victim easily access medical health and counseling. Paying attention to warning signs, routine medical checkup, and taking good care one's health can also help to reduce this condition.


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