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I appreciate the way you organized your arguments in your discussion thread. You made some really insightful points that I eventually had to comment on. Given how true Sternberg's idea may sound, I must admit that it is very humorous. I readily concur with the aspects of his thesis he proposed in relation to intelligence. If we look at these aspects of his theory as a whole, we can see that they do tend to interact somewhat, and depending on what people think their strongest suits are—whether it's analytics, coming up with fresh ideas, or just applying the theory to actual situations—either of these can be seen as strengths. I happened to think that analytics and creativity are the two most crucial aspects of his theory and eventually intelligence based on his theory and as a result the two sort of go hand in hand although the degree of strength varies between the two from one person to another. For instance, you may be highly creative in developing ideas and further equipped with some ‘advanced analytic skills’ while I have a high analytic orientation equipped with some sense of creativity towards solving problems. Despite this, the third aspect of intelligence as per Sternberg's theory still serves an important part in explaining intelligence and should not be neglected in any way.

On to Gardner’s theory and multiple intelligence

I believe everyone has at least one weakness. Apparently, there seems to be a correlation between your set of weaknesses under Gardner’s theory to Sternberg’s creative concept as you put it. Equally, as for me, I find music to be one of the recognizable challenges. Brualdi Timmins (1996) states that musical intelligence “encompasses the capability and recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms” (Brualdi Timmins, 1996 pg. 1), something I readily attest to not being good at. Personally, not even the thought of it had ever crossed my mind. Basically, with this kind of knowledge at hand, I believe we can enhance ourselves, and further help other's overcome their weaknesses.



Brualdi Timmins, A. C. (1996). Multiple intelligences: Gardner's Theory. Practical Assessment, Research &Evaluation, 5(10). Available online:

March 10, 2023

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