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This Pretty Woman review is going to give you a quick overview of what to expect in the film. There are great messages in this musical, high energy song-and-dance numbers, and a fairytale ending. While the film's heroine works in the sex trade, it only makes sex explicit on two occasions. But that's not to say that the show doesn't have sexual references. The words "condoms" and "hooker" are freely used and discussed.

Julia Roberts

Is there a Pretty Woman review out there? Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are a good match for a romantic comedy. The chemistry between them is excellent. The two are married to rich men and are living in a penthouse. They make for some interesting jokes, but there is a lot more to this movie than a love story. If you like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, you will enjoy this movie.

Despite the fact that it's an entirely Hollywood fantasy, 'Pretty Woman' manages to transcend the clichés associated with a chick-flick. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have perfect chemistry, and a multitude of supporting roles contribute to an overall solid film. There's a memorable theme song, plenty of laughs, and an unreal story. The film is a perfect blend of fantasy and romance, with Julia Roberts delivering one of her best performances.

Judith Baldwin

If you have not seen Pretty Woman yet, you're missing out. It is a romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall and starring Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, and Jason Alexander. It has earned over $464 million at the Box Office. You'll be glad you watched this film. But, before you do, you should read this Pretty Woman review to find out if it is worth watching. Here's what you need to know.

The film is a fun, female-centric romantic comedy that transcends typical chick-flick stereotypes. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have perfect chemistry, and the cast includes a host of strong supporting roles. There are oodles of laughs throughout the film, and the theme song is memorable. As a romantic comedy, Pretty Woman is a staple of the genre, but its premise and characters are far from realistic.

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart was a jobbing actor before he landed a leading role in Julia Roberts's Pretty Woman. He has since starred in several movies and TV shows including Gettysburg and The Simple Life. His pretty woman reviews are a scathing assessment of the movie. Regardless of what critics say about this film, Stuart should be considered for future daytime roles. He is a well-rounded actor who deserves the attention he receives.

A recent review in the New York Times has brought some negative comments about the movie. Critics have objected to the portrayal of prostitution and the notion that a multi-millionaire would fall for a hooker. Such criticisms would be valid if the film had claimed to be a slice of realism. However, the movie is a romantic comedy. While this review is a mixed bag, I believe it is worth a look.

Dey Young

American actress and sculptor Dey Young is an important part of the cast of the critically acclaimed film Pretty Woman. The actress' sculpting style is reminiscent of the work of Monet. Her role in the film was one of her most memorable roles. Dey Young's sculptures, in particular, are a work of art. It is no wonder that she is an icon of the film industry. Her portraits and paintings evoke feelings of femininity and independence.

Young was born in Michigan and rose to fame in the cult classic Rock 'n' Roll High School, starring the Ramones. She also appeared in the hit cult series Melrose Place and in the Star Trek franchise. She has since acted in a variety of movies, including the cult comedy Mel Brooks' Spaceballs. She was also cast in "Pretty Woman" as a bitchy saleswoman. Besides acting, Young is also a sculptor and has worked on numerous projects, including "Strange Behavior", the National Sculpture Society's "LOVE" exhibition and the film's sequel, Dey Young, Pretty Woman

Larry Miller

Comedian Larry Miller recently signed a deal to star in a new sitcom for Fox Network. Fans of his standup routine may recognize him from a number of popular films, including "The Favor" with Elizabeth McGovern and "Suburban Commando," which also starred Hulk Hogan. A diehard conservative, Miller has also written for the Weekly Standard, a neo-conservative house magazine. Though Miller's standup routine is often dry, his writing skills have become much sharper in the process.

One of the main criticisms of Pretty Woman, however, is its characterization of prostitution and the idea that a multi-millionaire would fall for a hooker. These criticisms would be valid if the film had aimed to be a slice of realism, but it's not. The film is ultimately a romantic comedy. Therefore, it's difficult to argue that it's not a good movie, just a bad one.

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