Privacy and Data Brokers

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Privacy Issues with Data Brokers

It is an absolute reality that the data brokers such as the InfoFree have the ability to consolidate human data on a large number of individuals. However, I believe that using personal data for business matters raises privacy issues to an extent. Reasonably, an individual’s privacy is one of the key aspects of his or her life that should be considered discrete. For instance, in the event that the InfoFree website users purchase a list of the individuals’ broken-down data, it shows all the details of the end-users and it can be considered an insecurity crisis. The threat to security arises because the person has got all details about any individual from a specific region of interest. Besides, if an employer gets to access all the details about an employee, then this would create a forum of mistrust in matters kept private from the employer.

Limited Privacy and Invasive Acts

Similarly, in a case whereby my name was in the list purchased by the users, I would feel that I have been limited to the access of full privacy. Basically, all I would want is a total privacy since breaking down all the information about me and posting it on the data brokers’ website is quite an insensitive act. As a matter of fact, people give their personal data voluntarily to different organizations or firms on a daily basis, or choose to participate in social or market researches for reward in most cases. However, the information they give is meant to stay confidential. In conclusion, the fact that someone can purchase a list that contains almost your details can even lead to the failure in a person’s private business. This can be based on the fact that they may begin to treat you in regard to your earnings, which is well displayed on the data list.

November 13, 2023


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