Problems Encountered By Organizations Without Significant Disaster Recovery In Case Of A Catastrophe.

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Importance of a Disaster Recovery Strategy

Without a comprehensive and important disaster recovery strategy, the team is susceptible to a variety of problems. There are numerous repercussions that a group with a less important disaster recovery plan may experience, and this is well understood by the IT businesses that many organizations throughout the world, according to the research. There are several natural and man-made disasters that provide a significant risk to businesses, including instances of fire breaks, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and even man-made threats like hacking, which has produced the most percentage of risk in previous research. Therefore, without a strong plan to curb this risks and disasters, the company affected may find it difficult to return its' normal operations. Therefore a possible problems or issues that may have an impact on an organization without proper business disaster recovery program considering the many risks outlined are comprehensively discussed in this paper.

Business Discontinuity and Failure

The major problem that may be faced with a body without a standard recovery plan is business discontinuity or rather the business failure. This is because studies show that about of 75% of companies without the recovery programs fall within the first three years after the disaster. This is also emphasized by same studies that show that organizations with continuity programs pick faster after an event of an accident.

Safety Concerns During Natural Disasters

Secondly, during natural disasters, violent incidences are always accompanied with fatal emergencies. As different are entitled to the safety of their employees, customers, dealers, visitors and various individuals who always become very concerned particularly when an organization lacks a serious recovery plan. This is because these companies have poor methods of communication that notify the whole working team during an occurrence of a disaster, which can leave everybody in the premise ill-equipped in an attempt to respond to the situation at the moment.

Financial Loss

Another critical issue that can be of great concern due to lack of a significant business continuity plan is a financial loss for the company. Disaster can bring significant losses to the company as recovering from the menace can be costly creating a lot of losses especially in in case of failure in a different financial institution.

Tarnished Reputation

In the event of a disaster to companies without established recovery plans, his customers and the public may create a tarnished reputation towards the enterprise. As in a case of data loss, many will implicate it as insecure. Also loss of some of the business data including; customer price quotes, customer contact information, billing information, information on tax collection. Loss of such data put the company in an embarrassing position forming a bad picture towards its reputation.

Loss of Productivity

Also, companies without established recovery plans face the loss of productivity. According to studies, it is evident that over 78% was reported to have lost more than one of its mission-critical applications at a given point. Another enough percentage also was deployed of using data center for seven days. The disruptions faced is said to have downwardly affected the company since sales can be converted further as customers services continue to be affected. The impact of the problem is believed to be significant even if the company is running daily after the disaster.


Therefore, it is clearly seen that without a proper business disaster recovery plan, the company is at a high-risk position of losing a lot in case of an emergency. Thus, in conclusion, it's evident that a recovery plan is a tool that every organization should take seriously and implement before the disaster or any emergency strikes.


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March 02, 2023

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