The Simulation Mass Casualty Index (MCI)

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The Simulated Mass Casualty Index (MCI) Disaster

The Simulated Mass Casualty Index (MCI) Disaster was an exciting event for me since I was very excited about the entire effort given its applicability in modern-day nursing practice. I decided to use simulation technology because, as a nurse, I believe it is critical to be prepared at all times for incidents that result in mass mortality. I was overjoyed when I was given the opportunity to learn how to employ the most recent technological breakthroughs, such as the use of a mobile phone to engage the nurse through simulations. I thus feel that my anticipations about the project were all addressed and it is just a matter of time before I am fully experienced in the ways of preventing such occurrences and thus save lives.

The natural Disaster

The natural Disaster that was undertaken enabled me to realize that there is a need for massive education for healthcare providers pertaining the administration of safeguards related to handling disasters. It also enabled me to realize that the hazards can have adverse effects on nurses' morale especially when they are not much conversant with ways that could be used to prevent the event from occurring. My reactions to the Natural Disaster, therefore, was that there is a need to ensure that the perception of conceiving the event as an accident should shift to perceiving it as a preventable and management disaster. I, therefore, trust that with the emphasis that is placed on healthcare, the management of fires such as the one that occurred in the case will be better, and the rate of casualties will reduce substantially.

May 10, 2023
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