Product and Service Design

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Product and Service Design

When producing a new product or service in the market, there are two important factors which must be considered. These are product and service design. These two serve the same purpose in companies, but their difference is that the former is a tangible aspect whereas the latter is intangible. A successful design will always please the customers because it meets their needs. The most important step is always picking the method that will be used in the design.

Idea Generation in Product Design

One element of product design that I find intriguing is idea generation. This element is where everything stems from because you cannot have a product in the first place without coming up with an idea (Ravasi & Stigliani, 2012). The idea that I would like to generate is for the good of all guitar players out there. Guitar picks are small devices which are very useful to the guitarist, but their small size makes it hard to handle especially for the beginners, and one can easily lose them. As such, I suggest a strapped kind of guitar pick, where one can strap it around their arm, to aid them with the grip. This product design is ideally helpful to beginners.

Quality Service in Service Design

In service design, it is important to come up with a system that offers a quality service. The very first thing is usually to analyze the customer needs that will help focus on the target market (Andreassen, et al 2016). A real-life scenario where this is applied is in Uber services. This company has made it easy for customers to get a taxi at any place any time, and since it is a brand, your safety is guaranteed. Most customer needs are usually affordability, dependability, and safety, all of which are provided by this company.


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September 18, 2023

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