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The film focuses on how to create a personal brand by depicting truth. According to a quote in the film, "don't let the lettering convert more central than whatever you're saying," one is required to focus less on what will dazzle others and more on what he/she believes will inspire others. The video's second argument suggests disregarding reality, which leads to missed opportunities and eventually trust when the truth is revealed. Perception is expected to mirror reality; if one dislikes his or her opinions, adjusting is recommended to bring out the shining reality. The sentiments above are with accordance to question six, seven, and eight.

Effective Communication 2nd video

Communication is the key to success; skills of good verbal exchange as outlined in video two, being a good listener, showing respect to another party, and apparently coming out in an explanation are all good and supportive relationship tips. Losing friends becomes none existing phenomena because of a right established attitude and interaction habit with one another. Hold on in jumping into responsive action after listening becomes a weapon that prevents fracas. Good leadership enhanced with natural conversations within a team promotes good and recognized filling among people in a given work setting. Highlighting three questions.

Building Personal Brand 3rd Video

The third video talks about building a personal brand. She outlines that people are very different. To seek attention does not mean one should have a voice forgetting to brand. Being oneself need inspiration and reality with no pretense. Carrying yourself with flexibility and truth leads to an identity that is precisely yourself. To create a respected, listened to, and considered one should be aware of his/her brand. Building it requires efforts behind that voice one claims to have regarding creating a good reputation behind it. That is what I call branding oneself. Four questions under consideration.

Procedural change 4th Video

Video four outlines on how to change behavior by using a procedural method. Changing life requires behavior science study. Changes occur in stages influenced by some considerations and contemplations. Actions that make one think and prefer to improve by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of changing a habit leads to a good lifestyle. Having determination and mind preparations makes one achieve the change to the action stage. Maintaining the new lifestyle requires a backup of people who motivate one. Dr. Wendy states on the qualities of a good leader. One of them is, understand all members participating in a transitional process. Sharing a motivational material that helps them build up confidence and happiness to a newly introduced character becomes the appreciation of it all. Centralizing three questions.

Sharing experiences with others and seeking support helps one to maintain a newly build behavior. One needs to be aware of her/himself, and this helps the same person from slipping back to the previous actions. Afterward, decisions are supposed to be in the balance with what one thinks. Following one’s instinct becomes an essential key to successful lifestyle after changing. Considering five first questions.

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