Project-Based Learning

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Learning Boundaries in Project-Based Learning

Swan, Scarbrough, and Newell propose that learning boundaries that develop around various projects lead to the creation of multiple levels of learning. Therefore, one of the most significant barriers in the exploitation of project-based learning for the larger organization is the learning boundaries develop. This deduction as stated by Swan, Scarborough, and Newell contains similarity with many other firms. The fact that project-based learning entails assessing individuals based on what they produce. However, boundaries in education may hinder the students from understanding the purpose of focusing more on what they do rather than following what their teachers do. This becomes a problem since students are unable to learn and improve their skills. Similarly, organizations experience such issues when they try to train employees. Furthermore, the three authors also believe that there are three power resources which influence changes in organizations. These three factors which are networks, knowledge and hierarchical authority affect the running of an organization and can either lead to its success or failure. All these aspects are related, and when they are correctly synchronized with the activities of the business, then it is easier for the company to realize its objective. Another vital element covered by Swan, Scarbrough, and Newell is the aspect of organizational power and politics. This is another element of a business that is likely to have a severe effect on business activities. The authors focus on the Foucauldian paradigm suggesting that it has strayed from its traditionally values of holding managers as autonomous authorities. These are some of the aspects that the three authors explore occur in different companies globally and impact the business either positively or negatively. Given this, Swan, Scarbrough, and Newell offer deep insights regarding business and company management that portray the different aspects involved in successful management and business activities.

Skills for Managing an Organization

Managing an organization requires excellent skills to ensure that it is productive and the employees well catered for. Some of the concepts that I have learned in this class will be important in the future since they will help me manage different projects that can help an organization prosper. The first skill is conducting thorough research about the project to identify any mistakes before a corporation implements them. The strategy will prevent financial and consumer loss since it helps keep every documentation free from errors. Another skill is to learn from my mistakes. Evidently, mistakes are inevitable in every project, but dwelling on the mistakes will not promote any progress in a corporation. Furthermore, combining new and local information in a project will help the organization gain more data on what strategies to add to make it more successful. For instance, if a project is about employees, learning the different types of leadership such as holacracy, or hierarchy, will help know which one is the best. Finally, communication is an essential factor required in projects because an individual can collect first-hand information from correspondents to make the research credible. By utilizing the people's ideas can aid the project know the client's preferences to satisfy their demands. In this regard, these skills are useful for any individual who intends to create a project to begin an organization. Apparently, many of the successful companies including Apple Inc. and Microsoft always ensure that their projects are error-free since one simple mistake can accelerate their losses and lose their customers.

October 24, 2023
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