Public Speech

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My most recent discussion was with a friend, in which I tried to persuade him of the value of saving over purchasing a car. The discussion's goal was to make him see that investing is more lucrative than buying a car. I used beneficial argumentation as a messaging tactic. With this tactic, I was confident that I would make a case that would be backed by a benefits study of the proposal I was presenting to him.

I used the cell phone contact channel at first before I knew it wasn't going to work. Therefore, I opted to use the face-to-face communication channel in communicating my idea to my friend. The reason for this is that I was able to give immediate feedback, present convincing argument and provided immediate reference.

I encountered various internal and external problems during the conversation. The internal interference included my friend’s attitude and need for thepride that constituted much of his responses. The external interferences included advice that he had received from friends and how they motivated him to buy a car. However, I managed to counter this by analyzing to him the benefits associated with a business and the expenses related to a car and its maintenance. If I had to go over the conversation again, I would make changes in the way I deliver my argument to my friend. I would decide on a time that is convenient and joyous for the conversation and present my arguments as an advice and not pride based approach. Through this, I stand to change his attitude and give him room to analyze what I tell him.

November 03, 2022

Communication Marketing

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