Racial Discrimination in USA

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A major problem disrupting the peaceful coexistence of diverse communities in the United States today is ethnic and racial profiling, which has existed in this country for some time. But the rather unfortunate reality is that governments have done little to avert the threat of racism in this country. I agree that it is a construct and means that people choose to be racist themselves. Racism and ethnic discrimination are usually based on the fact that some people have different skin colors, religious orientations, or political groupings, and these are exact features which have contributed to the menace in the USA. Despite the advocacies for peaceful coexistence among different bodies, still, these vices remain the main threat to unity among the different people of the US. Thus, the paper discusses the existence of these vices as the issue which has caused division among the people the US.

In the US, racial discrimination is believed to have begun many years back; when the US was still under colonization by the Europeans. Most of the current studies have focused mainly on the race based on the skin color, for instance, in the US, the most profound and common racism is that between the blacks and whites. This kind of racism can be dated back to the Industrial Revolution period when the blacks were captured and used as slaves in the industries and plantations although this is not a comprehensive dimension to view racism because the menace extends beyond the consideration of skin color; red, white, and black only. It can also be viewed differently that when the white Europeans colonized the Native Americans (Red Indians), racism began. The Blacks who were later brought in as slaves just extended the chain of racism. In the contemporary America, immigrations of different ethnicities into the country has raised to another level of discrimination such that it includes being discriminated based on religion and political orientations. Although there were several attempts to end this antisocial act of discrimination, the trend continues to exist to date. The quite unfortunate reality, however, is that the government has done little to avert the menace of racism in the United States and that is one major element which has made the vice scale to greater heights as days go by. During the slave trade, there were a lot of mistreatments among the black, a situation that extended the conflict between the slaves and the slave traders.

The issue of superiority and inferiority complexes in the US has been the base of all the discrimination experienced where the perpetrators view other ethnicities to be weaker than others. Commonly, the racial profilers in the US have grouped people into various classes like; the Whites, the Black-Americans, and the Latin Americans and they believe that the Whites are the most superior and the most inferior are Black-Americans. Those opposing racial discrimination in the US argues that all human beings are equal and should be treated with equity. Civil rights movements have been created in the past both which have fought racial discrimination and advocated for equality in resource allocation, political indiscrimination, and protection from police aggressions. The movement has created the understanding among the people of different races, a situation that has greatly led to the social integration. The civil act of 1964 enhanced the equality among the people, the law provided for participation of the United from voting to the access of different public places.

As much as the previous governments have appeared to be doing something about racial discrimination, a lot have not been achieved yet. The only remarkable move by the US government to end racism was the approval of the 14th Amendment of the Civil Rights Act which provided for equal treatment to everyone regardless of their races or ethnic background. It is through this Amendment that the minority groups were able to access fairness and justice in all sectors both in government and the private sector. Sociologists all over agree that racism is not a natural entity but rather a social construction meaning people themselves decide to be racists.

To conclude, racism is an issue in the American nation that has caused turbulence to the highly needed peacefulness among the people of the US. This kind of discrimination encompasses various dimensions for example; skin color, religion, or political siding. The superiority of certain groups of people has taken the center stage of the argument for the racial profilers. However, the organizations advocating for fairness and justice for all peg their argument on humanity. The US Government needs to do a lot to end the menace or else it will still face rebellion from the groups which are discriminated upon. The issue of superiority and inferiority complexes in the US has been the base of all the discrimination experienced where the perpetrators view other ethnicities to be weaker than others.

April 19, 2023


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