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"Culture Shock" Experience in Miami

"Culture shock" is a fictional term that I would incorporate in real life. When you want to relocate to a new location, you still have a weird feeling about the spot you're about to call home; will it be as nice as where you've been? However, in your heart, you hope that the new house you are about to move into will be different and that you will meet a new friend as soon as possible. When I came to Miami, this is what happened. Miami is one the most diverse cities in our country regarding culture with people of different cultures and beliefs.

Experiencing Cultural Shock in Miami

When it reached a point where my family and I had to move to a new place due to factors that I wish I could control, a lot was going through my mind. When we moved to Miami, I experienced cultural shock practically in my life. Initially, I thought I would integrate into the culture of the people since there were many people of my origin. But it was never the case as I faced challenges in mastering the language and the people who I thought were the same, that is from Mexico had already changed to being like native people of that city. Finding friends was a daunting task for me as my heavy accent was always laughed at every time I decided to speak. The system of learning in this new country was unique, and with no much help, it was very hard for me. As I was walking around, I couldn't help but feel different in belonging. People from this region never minded anyone's business unlike where I came from. This was very new for me.

January 05, 2023

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