Recovery after Coronary Angioplasty

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What could be the nurses and patients views concerning the management of coronary angioplasty? Dunckley, Ellard, Quinn, & Barlow, (2007), researched "Recovery after coronary artery bypass grafting: Patients' and health professionals' views of the hospital experience." This study was a quanlitative study where the author tried to investigate the views of health workers and the patients concerning nursing interventions during the recovery period. The aims of this study, therefore, was to "To describe the recovery trajectory after CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting) and identify facilitators and barriers to recovery" (Dunkley, Ellard, Quinn, & Barlow, 2007). The research question of the study was: what are the patients’ and health professionals’ experience in management of post CABG surgery? To compete for the study, the researchers interviewed eleven patients who had recently gone through the procedure and ten health professionals experienced in caring for these patients.

Dunkley, Ellard, Quinn, & Barlow, (2007), found that the patients were well informed concerning the procedure and recovery timelines and therefore there was no anxiety regarding the time spent in the hospital and the nursing interventions provided. Also, the nurses and other health professionals provided patient education regarding the condition, and therefore recovery progress for the patient faced few obstacles regarding uncertainty for future health. The other finding was that the healthcare providers had good attitude and confidence in the quality of care they provided to their patients, and therefore the patients also developed trust in the management plans made for them. The most significant finding was that there was a difference in the recovery period between the patient with mild and severe pre-operative symptoms. Both health workers and the patients reported that those individuals with few CABG clinical indications took prolonged time in recovery compared to those who had severe signs.

Higgins, Dunn, & Theobald, (2000), conducted a qualitative study regarding the "The patients' perception of recovery after coronary angioplasty). The purpose of this paper was to describe participants' perceptions of recovery after angioplasty. The population in the investigation were three women and eight men who were interviewed one-month post hospital discharge. The research question was: what are the patients' perception concerning recovery after coronary angioplasty? The investigators found that the most crucial intervention of importance during the hospital stay as well as at home was relief from chest pain associated with the surgery. They found that the patient hand continued anxiety even after management and discharge regarding their future health. Therefore, the participants suggested they developed a coping mechanism that involved taking charge of their lives and hence they were able to thrive and minimize the intensity of anxiety experienced. Therefore, most of them undertook psychological and physical measures that would facilitate their wellbeing making their recovery progress good or bad. Therefore, Higgins, Dunn, & Theobald, (2000), found that there was a great concern for the patients regarding psychological needs since the uncertainty they have in life could prolong their recovery period as well as lead to the development of other complications. The other finding was that patient education and support should be well provided in the hospital by the nurses because some of the participants presented with deficient knowledge regarding their health problems. The hospital stay should be prolonged for the patients because some of them were discharged earlier before they recovered psychologically. The nurses should also follow up the progress of the patients during the recovery phase.


Dunckley, M., Ellard, D., Quinn, T., & Barlow, J. (2007). Recovery after coronary artery bypass grafting: patients' and health professionals' views of the hospital experience. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 6(3), 200-207.

Higgins, M., Dunn, S., & Theobald, K. (2000). The patients' perception of recovery after coronary angioplasty. Australian Critical Care, 13(3), 83-88.

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