REI Promotional and Communication Strategy

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In the contemporary world, technology helps organizations to be innovative, integrate marketing strategies, and appeal to their customers which helps them to achieve financial success. Therefore, due to the availability of many tech choices, companies need to select the best techniques which enable them to compete effectively with others in the industry. Ultimately, this paper highlights how REI promotional and communication strategies ensure the organization's economic success.

Marketing mix interlinks the product with the user. Particularly, the promotion mix plays a significant role in connecting retailers, distributors, and wholesalers. The technique involves the relationship between the marketing efforts and sales series incorporated with advertisement and promotions (Kotler, 2014). The promotional analysis evaluates the success and failures of promoting the product.

Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) Promotional Strategy

Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) is a state-owned company which specializes in providing services such as mountain climbing and selling sports paraphernalia and outdoor activities equipment. Additionally, the corporation provides high-quality footwear, gear, and clothing fabrics of high durability. All items offered by the REI are providing against malfunction for one year (Kotler, 2014). The organization runs 100 percent service adventure travel subsidiary named REI adventures.

REI promotional strategy uses integrated online stores to drive client expenditure directly to their shops. The technique enables users to purchase more products due to the attractions of the available items and other merchandise around the stores (Porter, 2016). The company uses Oracle database which is incorporated into the order processing system (Kotler, 2014). The organization has an incorporated technology for shipping the items to the clients and has streamlined communication between the suppliers and distributors which enables REI to meet the needs of the customers.

Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) Communication Strategy

REI continuously develops an agile communication technique towards ensuring client satisfaction. They use social media platforms such as Facebook, emails, twitter, and WhatsApp to update their customers of changes on their products and services. Additionally, the organization strives on improving the interactions on their users through an online experience. Their websites provide virtual experience for the customers to access the possible items in outdoors (McDonald and Wilson, 2011). REI uses the communication channels which aid them to differentiate themselves with other competitors as they consistently explore customer experience.

REI uses mobile phones in creating inspirational tales which attracts customers to their stores. The device produces messages which showcase the experience on the trail and enriched with client experience (Porter, 2016). Additionally, the mobile is integrated with video apps of emotional stories across their shop's hiking trails. The tales are compelling, and hikers symbolize the different audience segment by gender and age. The handset helps REI in conveying the messages to their clients in the faster way hence luring more customers to buy their products.

How Marketing Program contributes to the REI Economic Success

The strategic and remarkable section of the REI economic success is as the result of the employees and brand growth as well as the sales segments. The corporation has an integrated pension and bonus schemes that compensates its workers harmoniously. Many clients support an organization which is ethically concerned with the welfare of its staff (Lamb and Hair, 2018). The entity emphasizes more work in order to be competitive and penetrate the market by introducing new product lines and enhance promotion process. REI strengthens its loyalty to both the customers and employees for better productivity.

Management Challenges and Solution

The management may work with the team which is inexperienced as they implement their promotional strategy. In some cases, the staff though they may possess several specialties, they could not perform some significant roles. Moreover, the workers may be understaffed, and this could reduce their productivity hence inefficiency of the marketing plan.

To solve the problem of understaffing and inexperience of the employees, the managers should hire the personnel that understands online marketing techniques and are knowledgeable in delivering the information to the clients. The workers should use the technical skills to generate their desired results. The management should have a team of the capable individuals' who are fully aware of the trade.

In summary, REI needs to continuously incorporate new concepts to sustain its growth and competition in the market. The corporation should invest more in Research and Development (R&D) since it is significant in understanding the relationship between the workers and customers in the organization. The mutual interaction between the clients and employees plays an important role in achieving the company objectives. Therefore, both the staff and product users need to be honored in the strategic integration to ensure success in the business undertakings which eventually contributes to more revenues for the company. In my opinion, REI should focus more on enhancing the cooperation between the employees and consumers who are the major players in generating sales since they are the bottom line of the business existence.


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