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Introduction to Special Education

I find your introduction of the subject of special education to be really valuable. It is true that the government systems in the school curricula are very interested in the issue of special needs. However, I believe that the operation of schools and other learning institutions is more heavily reliant on the focus on policy creation. Notably, we can both agree that education contributes to social change in our communities. Your ideas offer highly convincing evidence in favor of giving disabled people more influence in society. Therefore, we can make the case that the procedure should use a broad-based strategy like those seen in the original IDEAS. I understand that our district schools still embrace the idea of classroom as the most convenient method of delivery. However, researcher report that the students have different abilities and capabilities. Thus, special attention should focus on the management of individual needs at all levels of curriculum implementation, even with the legal framework in place (Smith, Polloway, Patton, Dowdy, & Doughty, 2015).

Disagreement with Reliance on Law

However, I tend to disagree with the idea that the process relies on the law yet it should be a social amenity. Such an approach to classroom should play the central theme in executing the educational curriculum among those students with disabilities. These students require special attention that may prompt the invention of a one-on-one approach to ensure effectiveness in the education curriculum. Moreover, the intentions of the legislation revision focused on the incorporation of competitive strategies such as understanding individual strengths and weaknesses of every student irrespective of their statutes.

Principles of Effective Strategies

Nonetheless, your views provide fundamental principles of the legal and effective strategies applicable in helping special needs to prosper education wise.


Smith, T. E., Polloway, E. A., Patton, J. R., Dowdy, C. A., & Doughty, T. T. (2015). Teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings. Pearson.

March 10, 2023
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