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Reservoir Dogs (1992) is one of Quentin Tarantino's first works and is his first high-profile work. Tarantino’s previous feature My Best Friend’s Birthday (1987) never appeared before the general public and was partially burned in a fire accident. It was after Reservoir Dogs that the director became talked about, perhaps this is what gave him strength and inspiration for the legendary Pulp Fiction (1994), which was released three years later. The films of Quentin Tarantino are the best crime films of our time, it was this film that started the career of Tarantino and many actors who are today the world's giants of cinema.

The Plot of The Film

Reservoir Dogs is a subtle, dramatic, and full of psychology story about six professional bandits gathered in a closed space of an abandoned warehouse after a failed robbery of a jewelry store. They are cornered, they lost two of their own (one of which was played by Quentin himself) due to the fact that someone betrayed them. The police are about to arrive, but hardened criminals are trying to figure out who this rat is that set them up instead of running away (Tarantino). Having very little resources and public support behind him, Tarantino still managed to create an iconic crime drama that is often cited and referenced by many modern independent filmmakers around the world to the present day.

Tarantino escalates the atmosphere with the virtuosity of Paganini, who played a sonata on only one string. After all, he does not have at hand computer special effects, dizzying stunts, or stunning landscapes. Only a run-down warehouse and the fate of 6 notorious scoundrels, each of which, however, has its own character and approach to business, and not only to crime. Villains who can talk about music and do not skimp on tips for waitresses, and try to do their "job" first-class, no matter how dirty and immoral it may be (Malcolm). It is evident that the film was largely fueled by the enthusiasm of those involved, which adds a sense of sincerity and “liveliness” to the movie.

Word for word, someone has a bullet in his belly, someone cuts off the ear of a captive policeman who suddenly appears, someone shoots his own, and someone quietly tries to get away with a big jackpot of the loot. In general, everything is fast-paced, chaotic, bloody, unpredictable, and musical, with long, meaningful dialogues, some idealization of violence, and nicknames: Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. the characters simultaneously poke guns at each other. That is, in the same author's handwriting, which does not leave the author to this day. The prominent roles were played by such handsome men and sharks of the cinema world as Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, and Lawrence Tierney. Moreover, a considerable part of them fell in love with the future genius of alternative cinema so much that they continued to "roam" through his films (Malcolm). With the dramatic tension created by Tarantino along with the absurd situation thrown in, the film created a strong initial impression, although it did not become financially successful. The Reservoir Dogs, however, quickly achieved a cult status and the movie is still relevant and popular today.


The film Reservoir Dogs was filmed back in 1992 with a very low budget, this film did not need a big budget. The film is about criminal circles, and today the film has not lost any of its relevance, there is always a crime. Tarantino conceived this film when he was looking through crime reports and old films, the plot for the film was chosen unusual. The film is supposedly about crime, but at the same time, in this picture, each character is a multifaceted personality, whose character is revealed in the course of the film. This film is about a failed robbery that the audience does not see onscreen, we see people arguing about who is to blame for the failure of the robbery.

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