response to Knowledge versus Understanding

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The student's perspective on knowledge and understanding

The student effectively distinguishes between knowledge and understanding in her response to the post "Knowledge versus Understanding," contending that knowledge is the capacity to comprehend concepts and apply them in practical contexts. On the other hand, the student describes comprehension as the capacity to creatively apply newly acquired skills and knowledge to novel contexts. Additionally, the article supports the notion that knowledge and understanding can be transferrable and applicable to the components of the 21st century curriculum expectations. I agree with this view because the knowledge and skills students learn in school can be tailored to meet a variety of curricular objectives, including the needs of communities and the job market. However, although the post presents a clear distinction between knowledge and understanding and the ways in which the two concepts interact to facilitate effective learning processes, the post fails to highlight the key goals of the curricular.

The goals of the curricular

One of the key goals that the curricular seeks to achieve is matching education to the job market requirements, whereby the job market is currently advancing in terms of technology, indicating that there is need to ensure that learners gain competence in the application of technology to perform tasks as well as to solve the problems that arise due to the dynamic nature of technology. Moreover, with globalization and rising rates of unemployment, the curricular aims at empowering learners to become self-reliant, which is majorly achievable by ensuring that learners are technologically empowered (Handayani, 2015).

Enhancing the learning process

Therefore, it was critical for the post to mention the strategies that teachers should apply to enhance the learning process to make learners more competent in executing their tasks as well investing in technology to facilitate efficiency in future teaching. Moreover, using real-life connections in the classroom is essential in enhancing understanding and the acquisition of knowledge, but it is not sufficient to support sustainable teaching and learning processes. Hence, investing in technologies that help teachers to make the learning process better and more accommodative for the diverse learners, such as e-learning technologies, as well as technologies to track learner performance is crucial in achieving sustainable teaching and learning (Handayani, 2015).


Handayani, L. (2015). Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn): February 2015. Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

March 10, 2023

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