Risk management during Festivals

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Music Festival and Concert Risk Management

Music festivals and concerts are well-known phenomena that draw a large number of participants. The threats are numerous at such gatherings, and the likelihood that they will occur depends on the number of attendees, the scale of the concert venue, the time of day, and the type of music event. Due to the likelihood of risks, it is important for event planners to predict all forms of risks in order to avoid them, devise prevention plans, and ensure that everything is in order before, after, and during an event. The main risk management process includes the planning, identification, communication of the foreseen risks (Bowdin et al.). As such, there is the need for the preparation in the event of an emergency and ensuring that all the individuals are covered through an insurance cover.

Managing Crowd Behavior

During events and festivals, there is sufficient evidence that there are increased risk to health and safety. Majority of the risks are attributed to crowd behavior in the general admission. The management of impact of crowd behavior in the music festivals and events has positive impact on the success and reduction of the risks. As such, research indicates that improvement of the planning quality and the subsequent event management is the best method of dealing with crowd related risks. Management of risks is an important aspect during any planning event. Through risk management, it is possible to identify the potential risks that may arise during the event and as a result be able to come up with the best possible steps for the purpose of reducing and mitigating the identified risks. When coming up with the risk management plan, some of the factors are considered include anything that can cause harm to other individuals, result to damage of equipment, event and infrastructure as well as harm the future of the event organizations.

Responsibilities in Risk Management

Planning organizers have a responsibility in risk management including: participating in decision making, complying with the law, taking care of the emergencies and the health care and safety issue of the members, acquire all health insurances and finally handle all the aspects of security concerning the personnel, equipment and as well have control of everything involved in the event.

Importance of Decision Making

According to Tarlow and Goldblatt, the risk management process, decision making is the most crucial aspect. During this initial state, risks are forecasted and prevented. The management process depends on the nature of the event, the size and the type of the event. The decision making process takes place before, during and after the event and is based on the need to provide a secure and safer environment. For the proper forecasting and prevention of the risks, there is the need for the proper assessment, monitoring, control of the risks. It involves the planning, the identification, analysis and responding as well as documentation for the purpose of using the management process as a reference in the future events. Consequently, during the process, a plan is also created.

Risk Management Planning

The risk plan contents takes into account include a summary of everything and everyone involved in the event as wells as the type, the purpose, the goals and the objectives of the event. Further, it includes all the terms involved in the organization and the authority of the event. It includes the requirements, the responsibilities and the available resources, the procedures, techniques which are supposed to be performed. As such, during the risk planning, there is the need to include the risk planning, risk identification, analysis and the response, risk monitoring, communication and documentation. Emergency planning is significant during event festivals and events. It is prepared taking into account the type of emergencies that can occur while still taking into account the event taking place and come up with strategies that will help in eliminating the hazard and therefore reduce the impact of the ones that cannot be avoided.

Importance of Insurance Cover

While the event organizers are not responsible for responding to a case of an emergency, it is crucial for all the planners to know how to deal with emergencies. During music festivals and concerts, a comprehensive insurance cover is the best. As such, the event organizers are able to build confidence during the performance they could wholly be covered (Anderton). During events, there is the possibility of physical damage as well as loss of treasured items. As such, it is crucial for the event organizers to take a comprehensive insurance cover which will take into account all the forecasted losses for the purpose of ensuing that individuals get the best experience during the event.


Therefore, risk management is a crucial undertaking during music festivals and events. The event organizers should ensure they establish the context of the risk through the identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and communication of the risk. This is aimed at forecasting and preventing the risks and thereafter minimizing the potential costs, the losses [problems and the problems that may result from such kind of an event. Through the proper planning and engagement of the risk management process, there is the reduction in the number of risks. More so, there is the need for taking a comprehensive insurance cover so as to ensure the safety of the people and prevent the cases of property and infrastructure destruction.

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