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Good day (sir/ madam). I'd like to update you on the status of the annual clubs festival planning. First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and dedication to our initiative as if it were your own. Hello, I have handled this job with little worry since its inception, thanks to the tremendous help you have provided. Thank you kindly (sir/madam). So far, each member has contributed a tiny token to be used for what we will need in the event. We have also met as a committee to come with the program and what we shall need for this festival. In the meeting that was held with all the members present except one, we agreed that each member of the planning committee would contribute a higher amount than the average club members. The planning team also decided that because we will be expecting many guests, the contribution of 15 dollars per member would not be enough hence it was agreed that we use part of the money we have been saving in the club’s account with a clear accountability of its usage.

So far, we have already made a decision on the people to invite, the amount of refreshment to be bought as well as sending invitation letters to the special guests. Among the activities that the club committee has planned to perform on this day include; dance, song and poem performance and presentation to our guests and introduction of guests. Others are the speech of motivation from three chief guests to students, group discussions and different from other annual festivals, we have decided to include different games this time on. The games will include soccer for the men and ladies’ games. Finally, the festival shall end with meals for all those present. Each of the activities in the program has been assigned to either one or two of the committee members depending on its complexity. We plan to meet two days before this day, of which you are specially requested to be present and attend the meeting.

Despite all this progress, I must admit that it has not been easy for the committee members and myself to get the members to attend the meetings we call. We have had instances where we have to physically start looking for members to get them to attend these important meetings. Others, including the one that was absent in our last meeting, were so harsh on us when we approached them. Other members have also not been so cooperating in contributing the required amount. These among other lesser challenges has made our progress toward making this day a success tough.

Other costs for the festival include;

Meals……………………………………………………..150 dollars

Games equipment……………………………………….....80 dollars

Miscellaneous……………………………………………...50 dollars

The total expenditure is expected to be 380 dollars. The current amount that has been collected so far is 302 dollars, leaving us with a deficit of 78 dollars. We are hoping that the members that have not yet contributed will. If they do not, then we will be forced to get it from our club’s account and return it later.

In conclusion, I can say that the future of this festival day is promising. We are very optimistic that each of our members will fully cooperate to make this day a success. Also, we are hoping that all the guests, including the distinguished chief guest, will motivate the students will not only be present, but they will also arrive on time to avoid delays and interference with other activities of this day.

June 06, 2023

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