Role of the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor

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The Role of Project Manager and Project Sponsor

The planning and execution of a project is the primary responsibility of the project manager. On the other hand, the project sponsor holds the full responsibility of the venture in delivering the business desires for the investors. Both managers have a role in ensuring the project is successful in achieving the planned investment as well as the intended business benefits. Project sponsors ensure that the project in progress delivers the goals and objectives of the business in making the company successful. Measures to achieve the goals include marketing the venture, guiding the industry as well as helping in making crucial decisions for the firm. A project manager initiates the project, designs to fit the desired outcome, and monitors the progress for successful completion.

Contributions to Organizational Success

Both the project manager and the project sponsor contribute to the success of the organization. After the design and implementation of the plan, the project manager hands over the scheme to the project sponsor for marketing and management for profitability. The function of both managers is to implement the project causing an overlap. The overlap might lead to failure of the project in organizations without clear bureaucratic measures to define the roles of the two managers. Therefore, a project manager might experience challenges in designing the right project for the business leading to epic failure of the business. Therefore, the overlaps make it hard for the project managers to oversee their responsibilities in the venture. Due to the similarity of the roles, most project managers might end up losing their jobs to the project sponsors.

November 13, 2023

Business Economics

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