Rolls Royce

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To automotive enthusiasts, the brand name ‘Rolls Royce' evokes not only fineness and efficiency but also elegance in the transitional global economy ("Rolls Royce adverts - Google Search", 2017). For example, the designer of this car model's advertising captures a lot of details but with the use of an illustration and superscription, resulting in unrivaled consumer appeal in the automotive industry. The precise wording used in the advertisement is intended to fascinate, tempting automotive enthusiasts to purchase this car concept by excellent psychological marketing ("Rolls Royce adverts - Google Search", 2017). To begin with, the black painting of the car is a clear indication of the subtleness and the iconic experience by the user. Moreover, the colour makes the car distinctive because it brings about the debate on whether one understands the difference between bravery and confidence. This uniqueness not only creates brand loyalty but quality leadership ("Rolls royce adverts - Google Search", 2017).

On the other hand, the words captioned in the advert, for instance ‘Wraith’ which is the spirit of a dead person, is written in calligraphy. This is a signal of the kind of energy, craftsmanship and resources employed in modelling such an epic car. However, I find it a bit demeaning to include an inscription like, ‘Effortless Grace & Elegance’ in describing such a quiet but whispering ‘toy’. How I wish, it were, ‘The Masterpiece of Elegance’, that would have been more captivating. Besides, having an iconic figure like popular singer Rick Ross posing beside the car rather than the dimly lit background backed with the sketchy buildings, would help more in grasping the attention of audience as a marketing scheme.

Mental Illness

The article has a precise topic sentence which makes it easier for the reader to have a quick glance at the content of the article ("'New York Times' Magazine on Mental Illness Gets It", 2017). The reader therefore yearns for more information, hence reads between the lines in a bid to connect the initial part of the sentence with the rest of the essay. Furthermore, the author seems to avoid circumlocution thereby making the work not only interesting but also easier to understand, considering the pertinent topic.

Nevertheless, the title of the article is not as catchy as its content ("'New York Times' Magazine on Mental Illness Gets It", 2017). ‘How about mental illness?’ in my opinion, it would have been more beguiling. Furthermore, the inclusion of a testimony from only one of the victims of mental illness only makes the article vague. Instead, the writer should have omitted the testimony and instead give an extensive discussion of various mental illness victims.


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