sales tax imposed on feminine products

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Clearly, the income tax on feminine goods affects not just our wives at home, but also the women who work for us. This subject is ideally becoming a big issue in today's world, as shown by Charity Garcia, a woman from the California Assembly. To be honest, if I were a lady, I would consider this issue to be a gender injustice, as Charity Garcia describes it. 2017 (Washington Post) The goods are essentials that should be excluded from taxation; however, not taxing them would result in poor income, resulting in a large rise in taxes in the future. Presumably, this will basically increase the cost of living to both the women and men. I understand also that from statistics, the amount of money that women spend on these products is way more than what even spend. Indeed, it is quite an argumentative and reasonable point and the government should find a way where they can tax these products lower if the sales tax cannot be fully exempted. Moreover, this problem is more political than economical from this perspective of gender injustice. Predominantly, an ideal sales taxing system that taxes at very low rates can solve this problem that is hardly felt by men. Truthfully, these tampons should be supplied free without being taxed and a 15% tax fund on male condoms. (Tax Foundation, 2017)

Common Problem for women

One of the most common problems that women have with tampons when they experience their periods is when the tampon falls out unexpectedly. This has been experienced by most women apparently. Secondly, another problem is when a piece of the tampon can get stuck inside a woman. One of the examples is when two lovers during summer go on a date and the guy accidentally sees a string like cloth and he pulls it only to get a bloodstained tampon. He then throws it in the ocean and scrubs his hands. (Lawshe, 2017)

Statistics on women

Statistics show that an overwhelming percentage of 55 or more than half of the women would prefer suppressing the menstrual cycle by prolonging the menstrual cycle or stopping it.  (, 2017) This national study commissioned by Free the Tampons states that most women ages 18 to 54 have had a similar experience by unexpectedly beginning their periods in public without the supplies they need. Menstruation is an essential bodily function of the female body. Just like sanitary paper is necessary for hygienic purposes, feminine hygiene products are, too. A calculation of what a woman actually spends for tampons during her lifetime has also been written by an author, Jessica Kane. Assuming the expense is $18,171. This calculation includes heating pads (for cramp relief), acne medication, panty liners, Midol (menstrual medication), tampons, and new underwear to replace those stained. Developing a policy that will reduce this expense will ideally be a creative solution to both the nation and women in particular.


Menstruation is a process that involves shedding of the uterus lining and usually lasts for a period of three to five days. It involves the removal of tissue and blood through the cervix.  (Medicine Net, 2017)

Dr. Kane has however specialized in menstruation cycle and how it affects women. The factors that are put into consideration are; anxiety, bloating, cravings and depression.  (, 2017)

Blood borne infections

Blood borne infections are illnesses that are transmitted through body fluids. Most of these infections are viral infections. Women have the highest risk of being infected. Prevention of these infections will be realized when affordable and good tampons are available for women in San Tiago especially. Distribution of male condoms with a 15% fund cut will help ensure the rate at which people get infected with blood borne infections.

The Tampon’s story

Back to the story about the two lovers, the issue being addressed is a shame to the woman while the guy quickly throws the tampon into the ocean.

Pink Tax

Pink tax refers to the additional amount of money that women are charged like feminine hygiene products. Basically, statistics show that women pay more for this tax than men. The fact that women pay more in these products has stirred an argument for a decade and is well supported by facts.

Necessities that women need

Clearly, women carry a lot of things in their starter pack compared to men. A woman will practically carry a facial moisturizer, hair conditioner, body wash, a razor, toothbrush and so much more personal belongings. Importantly, tampons are a basic requirement especially when the end of the month is right around the corner.  (GOING? et al., 2017)

Necessities for men

Men, on the other hand, do not require a lot of things like women do. They only carry a toothbrush, a pair of pants and toothpaste. This shows the difference between women and men and yet still they are taxed more. It is more sensible to believe that indeed it is an injustice that should be changed. The 13 states that have embraced the new system of not taxing women is indeed a show.

Addressing the Concerns

Condoms and menstruation-reproduction and health.

For one the immunoglobulins of a woman are affected during menstruation and humoral immunity is developed. Basically, this is important to the woman as it will help her undergo menstruation. Policies of supplying condoms to San Diego public bathrooms. This will reduce rates of infection of blood borne illnesses in the long run when the people around are taught the importance of using condoms. However, both sexes should buy the condoms at that 15% cut price. Cubes should be built in the public bathrooms where these condoms will be supplied.

Health Clinics

Use of condoms will help avoid new infections in the area around and will boost the medical report. Menstrual health cycle will be kept healthy by familiarizing women with new ways of solving their problem not just economically but health wise. (Medium, 2017)


Schools are a hotspot of sexual temptations and using this policy will help reduce health cases in the future.


In Conclusion, not imposing the sales tax on the products that women buy will reduce the extra cash load that they spend. Importantly, this will balance the costs that women use per day. Introducing policies that support our own lives especially one related to health will be rewarding.

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