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Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is a global mobile phone manufacturer headquartered in Suwon, South Korea (Baloh, Peter & Moon, 2008). It is a subsidiary of Samsung that generates more than 70% of the company's income. It is the world's second largest information technology corporation, after Apple in the United States.

Product Positioning Techniques

The paper will provide a cognitive overview of Samsung's Galaxy S8 and its efforts to compete in the rapidly rising mobile market. Product positioning techniques describe how Samsung may communicate the benefits of having the Galaxy S8 to potential purchasers without spending a lot of money on advertisements.

High Price Strategy

The product employs the high price strategy. To be very precise, the phone has a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 back panel. The colorful display is a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It is important to note that the display has a 570 PPI pixel density being one of the highest in the mobile industry. The high price strategy creates competitive advantage in the market in the following manner. It attracts the customers who always want to feel the worth of their expense. The strategy is also exquisite in creating a perceived value in the product. Many of the middle class customers and the able ones will stop buying the cheaper mobile handsets and concentrate on the Samsung Galaxy S8 that satisfies their needs.

Success of the Strategy

The strategy worked well because the organization received billions of profits in the first quarterly sales. As a company, Samsung has a focused mission of building its brand and becoming an innovative leader in the new markets. True to its word, the Samsung Galaxy S8 employs excellent display and performance technologies (Jia, et al. 2015).

Competition with iPhone 7

The biggest competitor of Samsung's Galaxy S8 is the Apple's iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is a product of the Apple mobile and telecommunications firm based in the United States of America (Kraemer & Dedrick, 2011). It is the largest mobile electronics firm and the reputable maker of the iPhone flagship smartphones.

Comparison with iPhone 7

The gadgets have close similarities in their performance and battery tests but the S8 ranks slightly higher than iPhone 7. iPhone 7 employs a 2GB RAM processor. It is half the size of Samsung's 4GB in the Galaxy S8. Some of the desirable features if iPhone 7 are as follows. It has a 4.7 inches screen that is quite smaller than that of S8's 5.80 inches. Compared to S8's 570 PPI, the iPhone 7 has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. Samsung also faces a lot of competition in the Asian market from companies like L.G and H.T.C who make the G5 and the M9+ respectively. All of the mentioned smartphones employ touch screen technology and the latest Android 7.0 operating system with the exception of iPhone 7 that employs the IOs 9.0 operating system. Android technology has found more acceptance all over the world making Samsung's dominance in the target markets more superior than that of the iPhone 7.

Target Consumers

The target consumers of Samsung's high-end devices like the S8 are the business and corporate personalities who need to do a lot of communications and process a large amount of data. The handset comes with a massive 4 GB RAM processor that performs exquisitely fast when navigating through the applications. It is also handy when browsing through the web pages. The handset also satisfies the customer's aesthetic value as it looks beautiful in a large screen and a sleek body. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a futuristic smartphone that redefines mobile computing and the innovations of the current smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 attains a competitive advantage because of its expensive nature. It cuts the edge in technology, comfort, beauty and speed.


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