Samsung Galaxy On6: A Closer Look

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The beauty of any group work

The beauty of any group work is that any outcome is on several occasions a reflection of collaborative effort. I have to say that during the production of the presentation on Samsung Galaxy on6, several things were in order and they had a direct impact on the success of the presentation. I consulted my fellow team members when I found that some of the tasks were challenging. The members of the group were always willing to support where necessary. Before we all settled on a topic, we appointed a group leader, and this was among the best decisions that we made. The team leader ensured that each member was assigned specified tasks that they were supposed to deliver within a specified period. Another thing that went well was that we were able to complete the assignment on time and this gave us an opportunity to polish it to perfection. Holding meetings on a regular basis to discuss our progress in handling the tasks played a major role in ensuring that we beat the deadline. In the event of any grievances, we effectively handled them as a team thanks to the seamless leadership qualities of our group leader.

What Went no so Well?

Despite our group's ability in completing the presentation on time, there are various things that did not go that well. Communication is among the challenges that derailed our efforts in meeting the set goals and communication. During the first meeting, we agreed that we would meet regularly to check on the members' progress when it came to the production of the presentation. One thing, however, that we hardly put into consideration was the members' free time. Some of the time that we settled for the meetings, on several occasions clashed with the members' tight schedules, thus making it challenging for us to meet. We had to reschedule our meetings to the evening which was tiring and inconvenient. Moreover, some of the group members claimed that they were not involved in the decision-making process, something that was aggressively refuted by the group leader. Two of our teammates argued that they were allocated complex tasks that required extensive research. Personally, I was not a party to their arguments and where possible, I convinced them that I would support them in handling their tasks. Finally, we were also faced with the challenge of accessing reliable and authentic information on Samsung Galaxy on6. Subsequently, we had to spend most of our time trying to compare various sources with the aim of ensuring that our presentation was only built on accurate information.

One's Own Contribution

As a member of the group, I was directly involved in ensuring that the presentation was a success. My main task entailed collecting information on targeting, segmentation and positioning as well as the description of the product. In the process, I gained knowledge on the consumer segments of the smartphones as well as the measures that an organization such as Samsung need to implement in ensuring that it meets the needs of its customers. I regularly visited the company's website to gather information about Galaxy on6, its features, and functionalities. In the quest for identifying the U.S. smartphone market positioning, I majorly relied on the internet and in journals. Other than handling my allocated task, I also ensured that I supported my colleagues in their areas thus providing the team with an opportunity to freely interact and complete the entire assignment on time. Having done a presentation in the past that focused on smartphones, the presentation was quite simple from my point of view. I advised my team to add data as a part of the research and this was aimed at ensuring that the presentation was concrete in terms of evidence. I also assisted the team leader in polishing the presentation and ensuring that it lacked grammar errors and inconsistencies in information.

Others' Contribution

The other members of the team were also played a major part in ensuring that we met our goals in the production of the presentation. As a collective unit, the members decided on the most appropriate topic for the assignment. Conducting research on Samsung Galaxy on6 was agreed upon by all the members and this is because the product was recently launched and Samsung is a dominant force in the smartphone sector. Appointing of a team leader was one of the major contributions of the team members and this marked the start of our efforts in ensuring that we effectively worked on the assignment. The other group members worked on the recommended market mix for the Galaxy on6 in the U.S. market, the smartphone market share and the key competitors for Samsung. Moreover, the other team members were directly involved in organizing the venues for our regular meetings and the most appropriate time when the members would meet and brainstorm on the most ideal approaches for ensuring that the presentation is eye-catching and appealing to the audience. The use of images, for instance, enhanced the presentation's visuals.

Improving Future Performance and Experience Gained

Having completed the assignment, I have to say that I gained diverse knowledge and experience. Firstly, I have learned that working as a team has its challenges and benefits. However, individuals need to derive the best out of teamwork. Good communication and effective leadership, based on the group assignment, is among the factors that result in superb results from any team. In the future, there are various strategies that the group will have to embrace with the aim of strengthening our performance. One of these measures will involve ensuring that all the members are active participants by assigning them manageable tasks. The team leader will also have to ensure that he or she identifies the needs of the members and effectively handle their grievances. Time wasting is a vice that the team will have to ensure that it eradicates and this will in return ensure that the desired goals and objectives are met.

September 18, 2023

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