sensitization campaigns on Herpes Virus

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The Importance of Public Awareness Campaigns for Health-Care Options

The society is confronted with a variety of ailments, necessitating the necessity for medical practitioners to launch public awareness campaigns about possible health-care options. There are several diseases that have various origins or causes. Some of these conditions may include coronary heart disease and low back syndrome. These disorders are known as multifactorial diseases since they might be caused by one's work or interactions between hereditary factors and the environment. The concept of multifactorial etiology implies that there are numerous sorts of disease risk factors (Waters, Muff, & Hamilton, 2014). Notably, the genetic factors alone, or the environmental factors, cannot cause a disease on their own, meaning that there must be an interaction between two or more factors that can eventually cause ill health. Therefore, it is necessary for nurse practitioners to enlighten the society on these issues and ensure that the populace has adopted the best mechanism for combating disease outbreak. This is mainly possible through sensitization campaigns. The best approach by a nurse in the process of curbing client risk is ensuring excellent communication with the patients, thus making them feel accepted by the medical professionals. If this is not accomplished, there will be a high possibility of discontentment from the patients, who otherwise stand to benefit.

An Example of a Multifactorial Disease: Herpes Virus 1 and 2

An example of a disease in this category is the herpes virus 1 and 2. The infection is mainly spread when the affected person starts to produce and even shed the virus (Kortekangas-Savolainen, Orhanen, Puodinketo, & Vuorinen, 2014). Some of the common symptoms of the infection, according to the center for disease control (CDC), the symptoms of the infection are relatively the same with other publications (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2016). For instance, it has been noted that some of the symptoms include the presence of watery blisters on the mucous membranes, lips, skin, or even the genitals. The lesions frequently heal by leaving a scab that has a similar characteristic as that of the herpetic disease infection. Notably, the virus can cause mild symptoms during an outbreak.

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May 10, 2023

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