Similarities between previous presidential elections in history and most recent (current) election and administrations

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Similarities between past presidential elections in history and the most recent (current) presidential election and administrations

As the past of the United States of America is applied to the recent elections, many parallels emerge. To begin with, prior to the latest elections of Donald Trump and former Presidents Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon, the tradition of the United States was such that American citizens in both states voted. This is a similar situation to previous ones in which eligible electors determine the result of a referendum. Similarly to today, each nominee had a predetermined proportion of the states that could decide the outcome of the elections. In the electoral amendment act of 1876, that determined the electoral vote count was enacted this was way back in time that the United States adopted the Electoral College system. This system was determining the percentages per states of the United States in which the winner won on Electoral College and lost on most votes cast. A case in history was the election of 1876 whereby Samuel J. Tilden won on Electoral College but lost on total votes cast; this scenario is similar to the election of the year 2016 of Donald Trump whereby he lost on the total votes cast but won on Electoral College.

In both, the elections in the history of the United States and the recent poll, the presidential term limit has been a maximum of two terms with several presidents serving two terms in history. Presidents like, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe amongst many others served two terms. Likewise, the recent presidential election of President Barrack Obama was on a two-term basis same as president Nixon. Lastly, both the presidential elections in history and today have been conducted in line with the constitutional provisions and laws of the United States of America

January 13, 2023


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