Social Media's Influence on Human Behavior

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The Impacts of Social Media on Various Aspects within Human Society

The application of one of technology's elements to the environment has resulted in numerous improvements in human behavior. People's ability to connect and obtain various services is currently enhanced so they can get direct input, and service delivery is often more reliable and quicker. As a result, social media has altered the dissemination, composition, and accessibility of content. For example, the use of social media elements such as blogs and other social networks has generated a great deal of insight because it includes channels of knowledge that people use to stay informed about what is going on in their culture. Therefore, the aim of this article is to outline some of the impacts of social media on various aspects within the human society.

Social Media and Human Society

The use of social media gives the opportunity to have a better connection to the outside world, and it creates a tight relationship with those who either near or far. Consequently, it is essential in the formation of some interpersonal ties with other people as it also hinders some as those who use social media commonly do not meet on a face to face basis. Most individuals do not have an accurate view of themselves or even others as social media has made it easier for people to become whoever they like to be (Campbell, Martin & Fabos, 2014). Therefore, social media has both its advantages and disadvantages in regards to how it impacts on the ways of living in the society.

Social Media Tools for Career and Networking

Social media has sites with tools that enable individuals to form a profile and enlarge their opportunities where they would prefer to start a career (Whiteman, 2014). Hence, by creating a professional profile, resumes are created, and employers are given the opportunity to go through them and select the best candidates for the jobs. Additionally, marketing has also been made easier as other experts in other sectors also advertise their offers and may also add the job seekers to their professional network. There are many social network platforms where the working individuals are still in a position to socially and professionally network including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Impacts of Facebook

Social media can hugely impact on almost everyone within the society (Whiteman, 2014). For example, Facebook is one of the platforms where the users have to create a profile before they use it and it gives them the opportunity to connect with other people, friends, and relatives and even create new friends. The users can play games, post pictures as they interact with others with the help of the internet. Therefore, for many people, Facebook is considered a quicker way of getting in contact with others instead of posting letters. Using Facebook can give the users an opportunity to advertise their company or any product for free, and they can also meet other business contacts and share ideas. However, according to Campbell, Martin, and Fabos (2014), there are always both the positive and negative impacts of any social media platform. For instance, Facebook has been used to spread gossips that are intended to destroy other people's reputations and also bully others. In most occasions, some users do not always realize when another person posts something that can hurt the feelings of others. Furthermore, Facebook also has another disadvantage as it is much easier to be stalked by others and it can also be addictive to some users who might end up spending all their time on Facebook hence making them unproductive to the society.

Impacts of Social Media on the Global Economy and Health Sector

There are many influences that social media has made on the world's economy and health sector in different dimensions. For instance, in the contemporary markets and health facilities, the use of technology and social media has been a great impact on its growth and developments (Whiteman, 2014). The use of social media influences businesses and health sector by ensuring an improved growth as it acts as a marketing tool as well as an information sharing platform. It assists in providing some of the demographic data that are essential for marketing and the growth of a brand, as it promotes the services and facilitates the recognition of the brand, as well as creating an immediate recognition by market saturation.

The introduction of social media in the global markets has created many improvements in the manner in which various aspects are done (Whiteman, 2014). Some of the improvements are seen in the service delivery, communication between the traders and their customers, as well as various modes of production, and the cure of some terminal diseases have also been identified and shared among medics. Therefore, the use of social media has led to a significant development of the world's economy. It has also made different organizations establish a sense of membership that seeks to create their brand values, build the quality of their brands by sharing some of the achievements and the feedbacks that they get from their customers. Hence, social media has created awareness of some of the clients that are currently not reached by the traders' commodities by sensitizing them on the characteristics of the available brands.


In summary, the use of social media has brought many improvements to the way of thinking of society, hence altering their beliefs and cultures in regards to various aspects of life. However, there are also instances where it has worked against the development and values of the same societies by negatively impacting on human behavior and culture in general. Therefore, individuals have to be rational in the manner in which they embrace the use of social media platforms so that they do not fall victims to its side effects.


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October 20, 2022


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