Some problems can be solved easily with some foods

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Few symptoms can be quickly resolved with certain diets, such as those that alleviate fatigue or morning sickness. Few may also suffer motion sickness and eating foods high in dietary fibers, such as pectin, can be a great benefit. Pectin emerges from the cell walls of plants and certain vegetables. Some of the foods that contain pectin are plums, peaches, ginger, and carrots, among others, since they allow the body to reduce nausea (Greening, 2005). People will get ginger from gingerbread, Chinese food, and ginger ale, among others. Using these foods will help us relieve stomach pressure and avoid vomiting and other symptoms that people have. Natural Remedies of what ails You highlights some of the foods that can help in reducing stomach discomfort such as morning sickness or nausea. Individuals only need to know the foods that can work on the gut and consume them to ease the discomfort. Some of them include ginger, and various fruits such as apples, plus, and peaches which contain a fibber called pectin (Greening, 2005). Eating a healthy diet has many benefits to human beings and they should be aware of foods that help in controlling stomach discomfort that can make them nauseate or vomit such as potatoes and carrots. The author argues that ginger helps the digestive tract digestive tract and can be found as gingersnaps, cookies, bread, and Chinese foods enriched with ginger. If one experiences stomach problems, consuming the foods mentioned and those that contain pectin can be of great help since they alleviate discomfort.


_x0093_Pectin is a dietary fiber that occurs naturally in plant cell wall_x0094_ (Greening, 2005).


Greening, S.M. (2005). Natural Remedies for what ails You. In Healthful Today_x0092_s and Tomorrow_x0092_s. 18-21.

October 12, 2022

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